Students recall the answers to sweep academic Governor’s Cup

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By The Staff

The Governor’s Cup double elimination district academic tournament held Feb. 13 at Trimble County High School, featured teams from Trimble, Carroll and Henry counties.

Trimble coaches Jon Graham and Marcia Graham, the Bonnie and Clyde of TCHS academics, had their hands full as they hosted the tourney in their first year of coaching the high school’s academic team.

“We are just excited that it is finally happening. We have all been waiting for a long time and we will be expecting some tough competition,” Marcia Graham said before the matches began. “I’m ready and excited to see how the kids do since they’ve waited and prepared so long for it. I have a great deal of confidence in them.”

When the quick recall portion of the competition began, the TCHS A-Team proved Friday the 13th did not have to be synonymous with bad luck.

The first match pitted Trimble against Carroll County in a match-up rescheduled eight times due to inclement weather. In a previous contest, the Carroll team had defeated the Raiders 7-1 to give the home team their only loss this season and only the second loss in two years.

The Raiders started the match off with senior captain Andrew Mullikin, senior Terry Lewzader, junior Hunter Consley and sophomore Travis Peters. Early on, Mullikin was lightening fast at the buzzer, helping to put the team quickly on top.

Following a short halftime break, the Raiders went on an 11-1 run, giving Trimble a healthy 27-11 lead. Trimble managed to hold the Panthers scoreless for almost eight minutes in the half, contributing to their 32-19 win.

Mullikin led the team with 14 toss up points in the first round win.

After taking Carroll County, the Raiders moved on to face Henry in the second round of quick recall. Both teams put it all on the line, as the winner would receive an automatic bye into the championship contest, while the loser was slated to play Carroll for the opportunity to advance.

In the first five minutes, Trimble was caught in a sword fight and took a few shots to the stomach in the battle. With 10 minutes to go Trimble was down 6-4, but managed to bring the game into their favor in a two-minute run and took the lead 7-6. Following a score by Henry, the game remained tied at 7 for more than two minutes, until Mullikin stepped up to get things moving again. With four minutes left in the half, Trimble jumped back in and took a 6-0 run.

In the start of the second half Trimble picked up where they left off scoring another five unanswered points. Trimble made a game that was really close early on look like no contest at all, as they serge to a 22-10 lead with just over nine minutes to go.

With 7:02 remaining, Henry tried to take great advantage over substitutes Lindsey Bachman, Alex Rand and Zach Taylor. The visitors scored three unanswered, before Trimble again took command and sealed the win 31-17 at the final buzzer.

Mullikin was again tagged as the leading scoring, with 14 points in the match.

“Beating Carroll really made a big deal because we haven’t beaten them once this year and we knew it would be tough,” Mullikin said after the contest. “Knowing we are in a safe zone, we still don’t want to let up.”

In the first half of the championship match between Trimble and Carroll, both teams struggled to put points on the board. Ten minutes into the battle, the teams were tied, putting up just 4 points each. The pace was still slow at the end of the period, as each team had added only another four points to their scores, leaving the game tied at 8 at the break.

In the final period of quick recall play, both teams continued to struggle for the right answers. After going through a five minute drought, the Raiders finally began to post points, moving out front 11-9, before the Panthers fought back to go up 13-11.

With just three minutes to go, Trimble closed the gap again and tied the game up at 14. After a quick Carroll score, Mullikin won a toss up point and the team scored on the bonus question to take the lead. With less than 60 seconds remaining on the clock, the Panthers added another point, but it was a correct answer by Mullikin, with just under 30 seconds to go, that gave Trimble the championship win, 17-16.

“I am very pleased with the way the team worked together to pull out a great victory and particularly with the play from Andrew Mullikin,” Jon Graham said at the end of the day.

Written testing was also included in the tournament, with the top five placements as follows:

Mathematics: 1st Angela Woods (Carroll), 2nd Billy Kelly (Henry), 3rd Tristen Root (Carroll), 4th Collin Whitaker (Trimble), 5th Derek Williams (Carroll)

Arts and Humanities: 1st Andrew Mullikin (Trimble), 2nd Lindsey Bachman (Trimble), 3rd Sarah Beach (Carroll), 4th Terry Lewzader (Trimble), 5th Will Lyle (Henry) Science: 1st Collin Whitaker (Trimble), 2nd Ronnie Crain (Henry), 3rd Brenna Mahoney (Carroll), 4th Zack Taylor (Trimble), 5th James Chaffin (Carroll)

Language Arts: 1st Zach Taylor (Trimble), 2nd Sarah Beach (Carroll), 3rd Terry Lewzader (Trimble), 4th Alex Rand (Trimble), 5th Daniel Service (Carroll)

Social Studies: 1st Andrew Mullikin (Trimble), 2nd Tristen Root (Carroll), 3rd Billy Kelly (Henry), 4th James Chaffin (Carroll), 5th James Severs (Carroll)

Final district standings: 1st Trimble County, 2nd Carroll County, and 3rd Henry County

The Raiders traveled to Oldham County yesterday to participate in the regional tournament, however results were not available by press time.