Students on the job

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Hitting the streets for job shadow day

By The Staff

Special to The News-Democrat


Local Students from surrounding counties visited 16 different establishments Monday not for a regular field trip but to place themselves in the employee’s shoes for a day.

Students from Gallatin, Trimble, Owen, and Carroll counties started their school day off like any regular day; but instead of attending class they attended Job Shadowing Day at CCATC (Carroll County Area Technology Center). Shadowing gives students the chance to experience what it would be like if they chose that path for a career.

Dylan Perry, 16, a junior from Trimble County, chose to visit Gene & Sons garage to experience automotive repair first hand.  Peering over the engine of a mustang while mentors Keith Vannarsdall, co-owner and employee Donnie Westrick, Perry learned how to change a fuel pump and brakes. “I wanted to do something no one else was going to do, and I just enjoy working with cars,” Perry said.

Rhonda Breek has worked at Webster’s drugstore for 21 years; she showed 18-year-old Tiara Floyd from Gallatin County the ropes. Monday found Floyd behind the tall counter carefully counting pills under the watchful eye of Breeck and pharmacist Robert Haney.  “I want to be a pharmacist,” was her reason for choosing Webster’s.

The Carroll County Memorial Hospital was packed full with nursing students. Danyelle Hornbeck 17, from Carroll County was in the physical therapy department; even though she wants to be a nurse in the neo-natal unit she still found the rotation interesting. Mike Hebbler a 10-year veteran physical therapist for CCMH seemed to enjoy having a shadow.  

Vicky Rand of Rand Insurance also had two students in her office for the day. Kristi Harlow, 16 and Katie Mefford, 17, both Carroll County students spent the day learning about the insurance business. Rand, the owner of the business had some very good advice. Rand encouraged the job shadowers to be persistent in achieving their dreams and when you find something you want to do be passionate about it.

The students' day began at 9:40 a.m. and ended at 1:20 p.m., a very short day of work, but the knowledge and experience received hopefully will help each student make decisions about their futures.