Story ignored positives of young man's life

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By The Staff


Why? This article is my response to this week’s story about Tommy “Shooney” Jones Jr. that was printed in The News-Democrat. [Oct. 15, 2008, Page 1.]

It breaks my heart how so many times in a small town people love to print all of the dirty laundry and negative things about people before they have all the facts.

I hope we are not trying to bat with the big hitters and see who can print the biggest story as a journalist in this little community. I am sure Tommy had many positive things in his life he would have loved printed in this paper.

Have we forgotten so quickly that none of us is perfect? The family and friends of Tommy have been through enough, already. Did we take this into consideration before printing this story?

I believe that today, Shooney is in the hands of a merciful and gracious God who loves us even when we do wrong. God still allows people to repent, so please let us leave his past and future in the hands of a loving and just God. I would just like to tell all the family and friends that someone is praying for them.

The Rev. Gerald W. Wallace