Stepping down, Duncan thanks TCYL board, volunteers, players

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By The Staff


This is my final letter to interested Trimble County Youth League participants.

I would like to thank everyone for allowing me the opportunity to be involved in enhancing the youth of our community in the aspects of baseball, teamwork, leadership and friendship. It is time for me to step down from the TCYL board and allow a new generation to continue the development of our youth.

I take with me an enormous amount of memories. Ones that bring me smiles, frowns, laughter and tears. As the youth have grown over the years, so have I. It was a learning experience for me, as well as for them. I take with me the satisfaction of knowing that I have been there for many, many children, my friends, and occasionally my family.

I greatly enjoyed coaching. I greatly enjoyed watching the children grow physically, emotionally and intellectually. I will greatly miss them and the atmosphere.

Special thanks goes out to the other board members and their families, who have also dedicated so many hours – too numerous to mention or even guess at – needed to benefit the youth of our community. Each and every one that I have had the opportunity to work with was – and always will be – appreciated in my book. My memories also contain you.

I would, also, like to thank my husband for all his patience and time that he contributed to the Youth League, too – as a coach, a father, a husband and a board member. I leaned on him many times for last-minute help. Many late nights of cleaning up and working on the fields. Thank you!

This also goes out to my own boys. They had to put up with sharing me with the park for so many years. It is time now to give my whole attention to them, before they are gone themselves on their new adventures that come as they grow into adults.

I wish the best for the next “crew.” I am sure they will continue to provide an affordable and enjoyable learning opportunity for each and every young player, no matter their skills, financial situation or family obligations.

After all, why are we there, if it isn’t for them?

For those of you playing, watching and/or just enjoying the name of the game, the best of luck to each of you. May God continue to shine down on you.

Good luck, good-bye and take care.


Tammy Duncan, former

TCYL president