Special newspaper issue offers interesting stories

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By Jarrett Boyd

Since January, lots of folks have asked me how I’m enjoying retirement. Well it’s great, but after almost 27 years of recommending books, watching story hour children become parents of story hour children, and watching our programs and services grow year by year, I do miss the job.   

One of the things I really enjoyed about my work was the opportunity to write a column for the newspaper every few weeks. With the editor’s permission, I thought I might try my hand at doing it still, but from the viewpoint of a casual observer in the community.

The News Democrat was a whopper this past week … so many ads and lots of interesting stories.  

I especially enjoyed the story about Della Jones from Grant County who died recently at age 106.  

Della was a neighbor in Williamstown and sometimes babysat for my brothers and me.  Twin boys and a bossy big sister could be a handful, she told us in later years. However, she did it more than once, so I guess we weren’t too bad.  

My cousin Darlene who stayed close to Della through the years and I attended her funeral at the  Williamstown Methodist Church.  

It was a wonderful celebration.

I looked again at a favorite web site the other day.  

It’s NKyViews.com. Many more pictures have been added since I last visited.

 Just click on the Carroll County link from the home page to see wonderful pictures from the late 1800s through the 1970s.  

I spent hours browsing through this interesting site, visiting Grant County, too.  

My grandfather built the Halfway House on U.S. 25 between Lexington and Cincinnati, Ohio, and it is a treat to see so many pictures of the place that would become a real landmark.

 “Blues to the Point” is coming up in another month.  

Let’s hope some of this rain moves on.

We will miss Tim Kreckle at this year’s festival. I know he was a special friend of festival organizers, Mark Davis and Clayton Dermon, but I also had seen him perform at many different venues and once arranged for him to play in Madison, Ind. for ‘Music in the Park”.  

He was a crowd pleaser at Wednesdays @ One at the library, too.

Tim died in June, leaving a void not only in the Louisville music scene, but in the ‘roots’ music world. Even Rolling Stone wrote of his accomplishments and passing.

And still it pours. My tomatoes will not ripen.  I am so happy that our own Farmer’s Market has persevered and grown.  

I will be visiting  Saturday morning and at First Friday on the courthouse lawn to stock up on the bounty of the season.  I congratulate the organizers and growers who keep the market going.

Hillary Arney at the library has agreed to let me start up a writing group there.  

My idea is to meet once a week for six weeks.  

I hope we have 10 or 12 who will be interested.  This won’t be me teaching, but I will coordinate.  

Having participated in such a group before, I can say that it is a really challenging and enjoying experience.  Contact the library if you are interested.

Jarrett Boyd is a resident of Carrollton, Ky., who retired earlier this year as director of Carroll County Public Library.