Sligo Baptist welcomes pastor

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John Adams, yes the name sounds familiar, was called to Sligo Baptist Church after serving as interim pastor for Covington Ridge Baptist Church.  A search committee was formed, and Oldham-Trimble Baptist Association Director Randy Jones was contacted to aid in finding a new pastor.  While a large number of resumes were reviewed, John continued to come to the top of the list.  As part of the process, representatives from the search committee went to hear John preach at Covington Ridge. Theda Crawford, a committee member, said “It was as if the sermon had been written for us.”  John was called unanimously to the church at Sligo in August.

John and his wife, Megan, moved into the parsonage in October and have been on the move since.  Freda Wooden, the church secretary, says “John just seems to be everywhere.”   John is currently attending Southern Baptist Seminary working toward his Advanced Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics.  Megan is an elementary school teacher at Camden Elementary in Crestwood Kentucky.  John and Megan have been serving the Lord together since their marriage in 2004.  John graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Masters of Science in Athletic Administration in May of 2004.  John served in Richmond, Virginia, at Bethany Place Baptist Church as Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries.  John and Megan moved to Louisville in 2008 so that John could attend seminary.

Since being called to Sligo, John has been working with Associate Pastor, Earl Wayne Perry, have been working toward addressing the needs of the congregation and the surrounding area. New studies for children on Sunday evenings called G.L.O.W. (go light our world).  John and Megan both bring the love of discipleship to Sligo, so it is not surprising that the new programs encourage everyone to “get Jesus right.”   To the church at Sligo this phrase has come to mean that as Christians when we understand Jesus’ ministry, we can better serve those around us.  Please join Sligo in welcoming John and Megan to the neighborhood. 

For questions concerning Sligo Baptist Church, please call Pastor John Adams or Pastor Earl Wayne Perry at 743-5337.