Sheriff investigates vandalism in Bedford

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By Lorrie Kinkade


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Vandalism is on the rise in Trimble County.

The Trimble County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a rash of vandalism that has occurred across the county recently.

Sheriff Tim Coons said his office first received complaints three weeks ago of graffiti spray painted on property in the area of Sunnyside Road. Coons said a vehicle, road signs and a mobile home were among the “tagged” property in the subdivision near Bedford.

That same day, a complaint was also received of a residential garage burglarized with several cans of paint stolen, leading Coons to believe the cases are related.

However, while the department’s officers have continued to investigate the crimes, another area has been hit, possibly by the same suspects, Coons said.

The additional acts occurred the weekend of Jan. 10, with graffiti reported at Bedford Springs Church, the Trimble County Cooperative Extension Office and on a barn near Shepherd Lane.

“We have several suspects in these cases - juvenile suspects. We expect to make arrests soon,” Coons said, saying evidence collected from the garage burglary may be key to solving the cases.

Also under investigation by the department are reports of items stolen recently from two vehicles parked near Cutshaw Lane and the theft last week of a Toyota pickup from a residence on Hwy. 42 East.

Coons said the number of property thefts reported in Trimble and surrounding counties has skyrocketed over the past few months, which he attributes to the worsening economy. He cautions residents to lock their homes, barns, outbuildings and vehicles and be vigilant in observing for unfamiliar persons or suspicious vehicles in their neighborhoods.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes or others in the area is encouraged to contact Coons’ office at (502) 255-7138 or the Kentucky State Police at (800) 222-5555.