Sewer issues are concern at detention center

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By The Staff


Something that concerns me (and should the community) has come to my attention recently. I have friends and family who are unfortunately incarcerated in the Carroll County Detention Center. I have learned they have had sewer problems, backed up water, stench and possibly mold.

You ask why it concerns you? With the recent scare of swine flu, one of the main things they say to do is wash your hands and be sanitary. With the confined quarters and not having access to hand sanitizers and special soaps like we do, it is harder to keep this place germ free, obviously.

In my opinion, this facility is not set up to house all the prisoners they keep there or the plumbing would work effectively. I’ve been told they fix it and it does the same thing a couple of days later. If a disease were to start in there it could be passed around at an alarming rate.

The prisoners are from all areas, as well as different states. Even our local prisoners are transferred to various different places and brought back here on their trial dates. If even one of these people caught something and brought it here in no time at all everyone could have it. If one employee caught something and brought it home to their child, our schools could be the next ones shut down.

While I am not suggesting five star hotel treatment for the inmates, I do feel they should be able to serve their time in a safe and healthy environment, and not have to worry constantly about contracting God knows what. These are, after all, human beings and some haven’t even been to court to find out if they are innocent or guilty yet. How would you feel if you had to stay there and await your trial date under these unsanitary conditions?

I personally have not witnessed this with my own eyes, but have heard it from people that are and have been inside the walls of this establishment. I hope the health department will check into this matter and remedy the situation as soon as possible, if needed.

Kathy Tingle