Runnin’ Raiders at Shelby Co.

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The Trimble County High school track team competed in the Shelby County All Comers Meet at Shelbyville last week. Trimble’s girls brought home a seventh place finish. The boys finished 17th.

Trimble’s female athletes and their events included:
100 meter dash—freshman Courtney Matthews, 66th, 15.75; senior Kayla Barnes, 76th, 16.04; freshman Ashby Drake, 78th, 16.20; and freshman Hannah Whitaker, 87th, 16.77.
200 meter dash—Courtney Matthews, 51st, 34.82; Hannah Whitaker, 53rd, 35.05.
400 meter dash—sophomore Olivia Cooley, 42nd, 1:15.85; freshman Emily Tingle, 49th, 1:19.41.
800 meter run—8th grader Kirsten Baird, 15th, 2:45.92.
1600 meter run—sophomore Erin Gonterman, 20th, 6:17.27.
3200 meter run—freshman Kylie Wilberding, 2nd, 13:08.34.
100 meter hurdles—Ashby Drake, 15th, 21.21; Hannah Whitaker, 18th, 22.32.
300 meter hurdles—junior Kelsie Courtney, first place, 49.15.
4x100 relay—Trimble’s team finished 11th, 59.87.
4x400 relay—Trimble’s team finished 8th, 4:55.02.
4x800 relay—Trimble’s team finished 8th, 11:52.60.
High jump—Kelsie Courtney, first place, 5-04.00.
Long jump—Emily Tingle, 28th, 10.11.00.
Triple jump—Olivia Cooley, 5th, 29-09.00; Erin Gonterman, 7th, 28-06.50.
Shot put—8th grader Bonnie Wilson, 14th, 24-01.00.
Discus throw—Bonnie Wilson, 18th, 58-09.

Trimble’s male athletes and their events included:
100 meter dash—junior Aaron Blanton, 8th, 11.92; freshman Bo Hawkes, 12.65; freshman Wyatt Adkins, 57th, 13.23; 8th grader Michael Russett, 85th, 14.06; freshman Collin Overton, 90th, 14.82.
200 meter dash—junior Justin Williamson, 17th, 25.68; senior Stuart Barnes, 26th, 26.31; Bo Hawkes, 33rd, 26.72; Michael Russett, 60th, 28.80.
400 meter dash—junior Kyle Puckett, 24th, 1:00.58; Bo Hawkes, 30th, 1:02.13; 8th grader Evan Simmons, 1:07.98; 7th grader Garrison Sanders, 48th, 1:09.33; Collin Overton, 52nd, 1:11.98.
800 meter run—Kyle Puckett, 27th, 2:28.10.
1600 meter run—Christian Apel, 6th, 4:56.91; Conner Ball, 7th, 4:57.08.
4x100 relay—Trimble’s team finished 11th, 49.64.
4x800 relay—Trimble’s team finished 12th, 10:40.71.
High jump—Stuart Barnes, 9th, 5-08.00.
Triple jump—Stuart Barnes, 8th, 36-00.50.
Shot put—junior C.J. Cline, 33rd, 29-06.00.