Resident objects to quarry sludge plan

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Letters to the Editor


I as a citizen of Trimble County, Ky., object to the issuance of a modification of permit LRL 2008-600. This objection deals with the waste soil part of the permit.

The proposed lake site to be filled with waste soil is adjacent to Trimble County Water District wells that supply drinking water to Trimble County, Ky.

A study of the hydrology of the area would reveal pollution migration from the proposed site into the aquifer that supplies these wells. Has there been an E.P.A. impact study or an analysis of these waste soils done?

I feel confident an analysis of the proposed soils to be dumped will reveal many heavy metals and chemical pollutants. I would suggest LG&E use this soil to cover their ash dump in Jefferson County, Ky., instead of bringing their waste into Trimble County. This soil could also be used to cover landfills, which are already polluted.

The resulting dust, dirt and truck traffic from this operation will impact local residents’ homes and destroy the small paved road in Wises Landing.

This is environmental destruction being dumped into a pristine Trimble County lake. Any destruction of life is evil, any benefit to life is good. The only benefit in this project is to build LG&E corporate profits. If this is good, clean soil, let them use it in Jefferson County. Don’t bring us their problems.

I request a denial to this permit and a public hearing on this matter to consider the pollution of the water supply.

Yours sincerely,

James P. Below