Relay for Life update

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I am writing to update everyone on the Trimble County Relay for Life. On Monday, June 20th, I received an email from Russell Schuman regarding a meeting he is planning for July 14, 2011 at the Trimble County Extension office. Part of the email was to let me know the American Cancer Society wanted to recognize my four years as chairperson for the Trimble County Relay for Life.  The email also mentioned that most chairperson’s positions are for no more than 2 years. Other issues were addressed such as how sponsors donations were not at the amounts expected by the American Cancer Society and committees were not properly set up. When I began the Relay back in 2008 it was in large part an issue close to my heart, being a cancer survivor myself. It was also a way to offer support to cancer survivors and families of those lost to this terrible disease and to raise money to find a cure. We were very successful the first three years with the number of teams participating and the amount of money raised those years. Even though this year’s participation and fundraising was down, the fact is that the community once again came out, worked hard to raise money and supported this event once again. After it was all said and done we raised a bit over $16,000.00. Nowhere near some of our previous years, but $16,000.00 more than if we did nothing at all.  

It appears from Mr. Schuman’s email that 2011 was the last year I will be able to chair this event. So I would like to take the time to thank all those who worked along side me, donated their time, services and money for such a needed cause. I hesitate to try to thank everyone individually for fear of leaving someone out. It didn’t matter whether you gave a lot or a little of yourself, your time or your money, the most important thing was you gave and you made a difference. We are a small community and sometimes we can’t give as much as some of our larger communities, but again, our contribution, no matter how small, gives as much of a chance at success as anyone else.
I want to thank the businesses, organizations and the people of Trimble County for your support for the Trimble County Relay for Life for the past four years.

Myrna Persell