Recycling resumes with arrival of new units

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By Dave Taylor

Recycling is alive and well in Trimble County.

Trimble County’s recycling program was suspended due to weight restrictions on the Milton Madison Bridge. After the program was suspended Trimble County Fiscal Court sought other options to once again receive recyclable items as a valued service to local residents. On June 24, The Trimble County Solid Waste Management Office was approved for a recycling grant in the amount of $55,195.00 from the Energy and Environment Cabinet, Division of Waste Management to expand the County’s Recycling Program. The money was funded by the 2012 - 2013 KY Pride Fund Grant.

“This grant will go a long way in helping keep unwanted garbage and trash out of our environment,” State Representative Rick Rand said.  “I’m pleased that the Kentucky General Assembly is a partner with Trimble County Fiscal Court in making these important funds available.”

Per the grant’s conditions fiscal court purchased four new recycling drop-off trailers. These trailers replaced two drop-off trailers that were previously used. The other two have been placed in other locations throughout the county for easier access by area residents. Two of the trailers are back in the same locations, Trimble County Extension office and Milton City Hall. One of the new trailers is located at the Trimble County Park, and the fourth is at Another Room Mini Storage 6110 HWY 421S in the Campbellsburg area.

Residents still can drop off mixed plastic, newspaper, magazines, aluminum cans, and office paper. These new trailers are configured differently so please place your items in the correct bin. No trash or refuse will be accepted.

“With the addition of the extra two trailers and ease of access to our residents we will now be taking our recyclables to QRS Recycling in New Albany, IN,” said Matt Gossom, Trimble County Solid Waste Management Office Manager. “Each trailer will be emptied as they are filled.”

Trimble County Fiscal Court and the Trimble County schools are partnering together to promote the importance of recycling in our children’s homes.

“I will be talking to elementary school classes starting after winter break to promote the benefits and importance of recycling,” Gossom said.

Each school and local government building will recycle all office  paper generated. The county will pick up the paper from each school and take it to QRS Recycling.

“We are expecting a large amount of paper to be generated by the schools, local government and households,” Gossom said. “In an effort to minimize expense of transporting each trailer to QRS, the grant also included a 7x12 dump trailer to transport excess paper individually.

“We are very excited to once again provide this valuable service to our community,” Gossom said. “If you have any questions you can visit our website at www.trimblecounty.ky.gov or call the Solid Waste Management office at 502-255-4280.”