Readers support local coach/educator

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We would like to express our support of Jeff Vincent, Bedford Elementary School guidance counselor and Trimble County “Runnin’ Raiders” cross country/track team. We have known Jeff Vincent since 2001, when we moved to Trimble County. He was my children’s guidance counselor through elementary school and has always been there to listen and provide support whenever they’ve had problems. The summer before my son entered sixth grade, he decided he wanted to start running with the cross country team, so all summer long, we spent several days a week practicing with Jeff and the other cross country runners.  

Even though my son doesn’t currently run due to involvement with other activities at school, he looks back on that time very fondly. We have attended the same church with Jeff for the last three years. Never in the time that we have known him, have we ever seen anything that would cause someone to make such an accusation against him. He is a kind, caring, Christian man who would never do what these girls and their parents are accusing him of.  

We support you 100 percent, “Mr. Jeff.”

Amy and Harry Mercer
James and Emily Line