Reader writes to support Signature’s Trimble facility

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No one ever likes to put someone they care about in the nursing home, because ultimately we are admitting defeat. We are saying that we cannot care for mom or dad anymore. However, if you have spent any time whatsoever at Signature of Trimble County, you are probably already aware that the residents are more than just residents. They are family. I guess that is the advantage of a small community. Most of the residents there are already “known” and loved before they are ever admitted, whether they are a neighbor’s grandmother or aunt, or may have been a childhood school teacher or bus driver. I can personally attest to the care and attention received by three of my beloved family members that were residents there. They were well taken care of by the staff and beyond that, they were treated like family by the staff and the other residents.

Needless to say, I was disgusted and appalled when I received last week’s issue of the Trimble Banner, which displayed a 1-page advertisement for a law firm from West Virginia viciously attacking the care given to residents at Signature of Trimble County. The facility just completed a deficiency-free state survey a couple of months ago. If the Commonwealth of Kentucky can spend a week in a facility and determine the care there was inline with the regulations set forth by the state and federal government, I think it is a little presumptuous for an attorney from West Virginia who has probably never set foot in our local nursing facility to say otherwise. The advertisement boasts of broken bones, bedsores, unexplained injuries and death…accidents can happen anywhere. They can happen at home, at Wal-Mart and yes, they can happen in a nursing home, probably more so, because skilled nursing care is usually proceeded by medical decline. Shouldn’t we e proud that we have a place here in the community that can help us take care of our family when we no longer can? Please help me show support to our local nursing facility. It is a RESOURCE and we should not take it for granted.


Karen Burton
Bedford, Ky.