Reader wants coverage of the Moving Wall

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By The Staff


Why did your newspaper have an article in the Wednesday, May 12 issue regarding The Moving Wall Memorial, yet no information in your Wednesday, May 19 issue - not even in the Community Calendar? For Carroll County to host this extraordinary memorial replica should have been front page of your paper since it was the day before the wall’s arrival. While details of the ceremonies may not have been available, at least a general reminder of the dates/times of the events and contact information should have been printed.

This Moving Wall is in honor of the men and women of the American Armed Forces who served in the Vietnam War and they are well deserving of its presence. John Devitt’s, the designer, wanted to share his “positive power” experience of the wall for those who have not or cannot go to Washington.

There are those of us who are very grateful for having the privilege of hosting this wall for the sacrifices these soldiers and their families made for this country. We are also thankful to the many volunteers who helped showcase this amazing Moving Wall, and are especially proud and honored to have such individuals in Carroll County. I will be anxious to see/read how your Wednesday, May 26 paper pays tribute to The Moving Wall.

Sandy Beall Ghent