Reader upset with water company’s reconnect policy

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I’m writing this letter about the Milton Water Company’s outrageous reconnection fee of $50.

Recently, I had talked with someone about this who was also appalled by the fee. They had told me they were at the Milton Water Company to pay their bill, which was a few days past due. They were actually the next in line to be waited on and when they got to talk to the customer service agent to pay their bill the customer service agent informed them that they had a truck actually about five minutes away from their home to turn off their water service. So they counted out their money to the customer service agent and when they handed it to her she informed them that would have to pay an extra $50 to have their water service turned back on.

They then asked the customer service agent that they thought the truck was en route to their home and had not made it there yet and they made their payment in the nick of time to avoid the reconnection fee of $50. The agent informed them that the water company’s truck had made it to their home faster than they got to make their payment by a mere two minutes! So, luckily they did have the extra $50 to pay, but that $50 they had in their wallet was supposed to go toward them buying groceries. They told the water company agent this and begged her to waive the reconnection fee as it was just by two minutes that the water company had turned off service. The agent informed the young couple that no there was just no way she could do that.

Now this is just insane to me that this small town water company would not, could not and flat out refused to waive this fee over two minutes!

I’ve heard numerous stories similar to this about people waiting in line to pay their bills, albeit yes, that bill was overdue, but still they were there in person a few inches away from making their payments only to be told that the water company truck had just a couple minutes before had shut service off and the extra $50 would have to be paid to turn service back on!

The electric company does not even charge that much and in this economic climate the Milton Water Company should have more understanding and waive the fee if the customer is already in line to pay and just had service shut off a few minutes ago. This to me does not sound like a small town company but one that has one thing and one thing only on their minds and that is money.

Candice Humphrey