Reader says magistrate should resign following DUI arrest

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Letters to the Editor


I was deeply troubled when I opened our Trimble Banner. One of our magistrates had been arrested for DUI. I don’t know what the public thinks, but I sure think he should be forced to resign. He isn’t the only one in our government offices that has been arrested for DUI.

To the magistrate: Be a man and resign your position as magistrate. You are my magistrate, therefore I feel the need to speak out.

How can you even think you are doing your job? I cannot see how you feel you are serving the public.

How in the world can we let people hold a government position and not enforce the law? I guess they think they are above the law.

I have worked for the state for 27 years, held city commissioner of Bedford for two terms and I know we are required to set a good example for our people. I know I was taught the public always comes first.

Even if our county officials just laugh and go on like nothing happened, I want my magistrate to do some hard thinking about the way you handle your job. Trimble County will never grow as long as we have a county government that isn’t strong.

Brenda S. Wallace