Reader responds to minimum wage letter

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Letters to the Editor

In response to Tod Griffin’s letter (Feb. 13, 2014) about not increasing the minimum wage, Tod said that it was a fact that raising the minimum wage would fail miserably as an anti-poverty policy but Tod fails to cite proof. Everything I’ve seen says the opposite.
He claims that “Raising the minimum wage would in fact reduce job opportunities for young minorities” but again fails to cite facts supporting this often repeated lie.
Tod stated that “Study after study shows that minimum wage increases cost jobs and stifle job creation” but fails to cite these “studies.” Then he states “We don’t need academic studies to tell us that.” Yes, we do, Tod! Prove your statement with fact.
Tod then goes on to say “Common sense tells us that if you increase the cost of something demand decreases.” Actually, the opposite has been true in every single case. “Raise the cost of gas and people buy less gas.” Really? Since when? Oil companies are making more than ever by selling more than ever at ever increasing prices. Your “common sense” is not as common as you think.
It seems that the real reason Tod doesn’t want an increase in the minimum wage is because the members of his “Kentucky Retail Federation” want to continue corporate welfare support from the government like Medicaid and SNAP so they can continue paying low wages to his members’ employees. I will try to find out what businesses are in your “Kentucky Retail Federation” and shop elsewhere when I can. We should reward businesses that pay a living wage. They aren’t all teenage minorities earning minimum wage. (Have you been to a fast food restaurant lately, Tod?)
After the letter the editor of our paper states, “Retailers collect over 2.8 billion in state sales taxes.” They only collect them. They don’t pay them. I and other taxpayers pay them. And retailers wouldn’t collect them if they didn’t have to by law. It also states they “pay millions in other taxes to state and local governments.” What you don’t say is that they get tons of tax exemptions and we as taxpayers pick up the rest. Don’t misunderstand me. I am for local businesses and their right to earn a profit but not at the expense of the rest of us or by paying low wages.
I support HB1. I have also submitted the studies that support my opinions to the editor. Where’s yours, Tod?
John Kish
EDITOR’S NOTE: The statements attributed to the editor by Mr. Kish were in reality an extension of Tod Griffin’s letter explaining what the Kentucky Retail Federation is. Any statements made by this editor on this or any subject will always be preceded by “Editor’s Note.”