Reader questions Trick-or-Treat on Sunday

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By The Staff


For those who don’t know yet and to those who care, our local government (confirmed by the mayor’s office) has set the annual Trick-or-Treat night to be actual Halloween, Oct. 31. While I don’t have a problem with children having fun dressing up and getting candy, I do object to it being on a Sunday. The hours are usually from 6-8 p.m. spanning the time that most if not all churches have their services.

Our world continues to try and push to the side any concept of moral/spiritual education by replacing it with activities because it’s “just another day.” Many of our youth are in trouble enough these days and peer pressure in so many other areas is staggering. Sports and practices, even academic activities have overtaken mid-week service times as well as on Sunday. Even if the activity doesn’t start until later on a Sunday afternoon, sometimes it involves travel, which again the choice has to be made to attend church or to go.

Try and explain to a child that it’s better to go to church than to go have fun with their friends or they can’t participate in sports or academics because church comes first.

Since The Ten Commandments have been banned from schools and government, there may be some who don’t know the fifth one: Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it Holy.

This decision doesn’t just involve those with children. Many adults and senior adults will stay home from church to protect their property from the mischief makers that also goes along with the observation of Halloween. I know it all boils down to choices, but I feel that those who are making the decisions of our community and educational system should give a little more thought to everyone involved. I think this decision is a very poor choice and hope that perhaps there’s enough time to re-think the issue.

Pat Kindoll

Sanders, Ky.