Reader questions intent of ‘special interest groups’ in county

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Is there no shame in Trimble County?

I can remember that 10 years ago when a special interest group of people were crying about how we needed zoning here. They said that if not passed the lower class of people would destroy Trimble County by moving in with their trailers, drinking, their drugs and trashing our beloved county. It did not happen.

The times they are a-changing. Now it appears the middle/upper class and special interests are the ones we all need to worry about when it comes to destroying what we have. Never in my born days would I ever dream Trimble County voters would allow the liberals elected to do what they are doing.

There is this one issue concerning the sale of spirits on the Lord’s Day that was voted on by the Fiscal Court and was passed with only one nay vote from Nolan Hamilton. Thank you, Nolan, God bless you! The question is shouldn’t this issue have been voted on by the community and not just five gentlemen around a table? Believe it or not this will open the doors in our future for making our county wet.

Here is something else that does not sit right, the broken educational system here in our county, the low rated educational system that was reported by the Commonwealth that said something had to be done regarding the way the youth of our county are being taught and how they are failing and dropping out of school at an alarming rate. Still the school board goes ahead building a $2-million sports center for the special interest needs. This saddles us taxpayers at some point paying through the nose for it. Is there no shame?

Would it not be in all of our best interests that some would show remorse, shame or guilt and resign? We, the community, can replace them with common sense people to listen to the majority and not the special interests. This idea is also for the teachers that cannot or will not teach our youth. Yes, you who have done untold harm not just to our youth but to the community at large. We, the people, not just in Trimble County are in dire need of change on how our communities and our nation are being destroyed from within by some elected officials that should have never been elected in the first place.

God bless you, the people of Trimble County

Bob J. Scott

Milton, Ky.