Reader questions city's bidding process

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By The Staff


Apparently I don’t understand the competitive bidding process.

The city of Bedford solicited bids for mowing the Morgan Community Center property. I thought the point of asking for bids is to get the job done for the lowest price. However, in Bedford the process works differently. Once the bids are opened, it doesn’t matter who submits the lowest bid, but rather who did the job before.

Of five bids submitted, the contract was awarded to the second highest bidder! The contract should have been awarded to Mr. Rick Hughes, which would have saved the city $10.00 for each cutting.

If the mowing contract was handled in this manner, how many other things in the city are being mismanaged?

  Dennis Eldridge Milton, Ky.

(Editor’s note: A copy of this letter was sent to the Bedford mayor’s office for a response. No response was received by press time Tuesday.)