Reader has concerns about fire department

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Letters to the Editor


This is something the people of Milton and Trimble County need to think about. First off, I hope the Tornado Victims Benefit Concert on Saturday, March 31, was a great success. There were several victims in Trimble County that lost everything they own and others that needed help. I wish them the very best.

The problem that I have is that all we’ve heard is the destruction of the Milton Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 and how bad they need donations. It’s been all over television, in all the papers, all over the country and all over the internet. This was not their primary fire house and equipment.

There has been very little if any attention given to the real victims of the tornadoes. Some people have helped the victims and others. The Milton Fire Department may need some help, but not as much as things appear.

Milton Fire Department under the leadership of Chief Jason Long should have plenty of insurance on the building and equipment and if their food vendor trailer was not insured then we as taxpayers need to ask why.

A food trailer worth $45,000 under the leadership of Chief Long should definitely have had insurance on it, and what about liability insurance in case someone got sick or died from their food products. People need to ask a lot of questions like: What is a volunteer fire department doing with a food trailer worth $45,000 when their finances are in question?

When Ronnie Barnes was chief of the fire department two or three years ago he begged Trimble County Fiscal Court to release taxpayer money that was appropriated for the Milton Fire Department to pay bills with. They were broke.

This trailer is a problem. What is wrong with a 10-ft by 20-ft tent and a little labor? Refurbish an old bus or other vehicle. We don’t need to waste money on an extravagant food trailer when times are hard and money is in short supply. You can make money with less.

We need both fire departments in Trimble County and should support them when possible. It’s the people’s fire department. The next time you give, ask the chief if the money goes to the department or to mow grass. It’s your money.

I’m not against our fire department but I do believe that people need to be held accountable how taxpayer money is used. Sometimes things are not as it seems.

Please don’t forget the real victims of March 2, 2012.

Larry O. Graves