Reader encourages residents request public hearing regarding sludge application

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Letters to the Editor


All citizens of Trimble County should be concerned about outside companies trying to use our town as a dump site for garbage, coal ash, sludge, and anything else! As a citizen of Trimble County, Ky., I object to the issuance of permit LRL-2008-600. Filling Liter’s Quarry, located at Wise’s Landing in Trimble County, with sludge from the Louisville Water Company presents many significant concerns.

Among these concerns are:

•possible contamination of the water supply for both Trimble County Water District No.1 and Henry County Water District No. 2 (the aquifers that supply both water districts are alarmingly close to Liter’s Quarry, the proposed dump site)

•polluted dust, dirt, & debris (containing many heavy metals & chemical   pollutants) (which has the potential to impact the environment, roads,   property and health of area residents)

•heavy traffic, pollution and noise from transport trucks (8-10 hours per   day) (completely destroying the peaceful neighborhood of Wise’s Landing residents as well as presenting a safety concern)

•destruction of county roads (which are narrow one lane paved roads not   intended to withstand such constant or heavy traffic)

•possible long-term environmental and health concerns related to the Quarry being filled with such contaminated material

Based upon these very serious concerns, I request that this permit be denied.

I also officially and respectfully request a public hearing concerning this matter.

This is a copy of a letter sent to the appropriate authority regarding the latest proposal to fill a Bedford quarry with contaminated sludge waste. I advise others with concerns to copy this letter and/or write their own & mail it to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District
ATTN: Ms. Layna Thrush, CELRL-OP-FS, RM 752 P.O.
Box 59 Louisville, KY 40201-0059
Re: Public Notice Number LRL-2008-600

These companies are trying to ignore & severely downplay the possible   consequences of their actions. They are trying to slip this by TC residents. If we are informed we can protest and stop the potential devastation of our county.

Samantha Weaver