Reader displeased with Trimble education

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Letters to the Editor


I am never surprised with the 90 percent of the elected that serves we the people of Trimble County. Keep in mind I mean this with kindness of heart for most, not all, do a very good service they are elected to do for the great people that live here.

Just this time that I was surprised and shocked when I researched on how bad the (broken) educational system is being run in our county that has failed us the parents, the taxpayers and our children. The members of the school board and the overly paid board of education or the teachers that will not or cannot teach has not shown any guilt or shame for allowing this failing educational system to continue for so long. This poorly ran system is nothing short of robbing our youth of the education they will need out in the real world. Shame, shame is all that can be said to these people.

The whole school board should be asked to resign. The great people of Trimble County need to put in their place people that can do the job of bringing in better teachers giving them a fair wage and benefits. Give our children today’s educational tools to better prepare them for what they will face out in the real world and stop the tax and spend on a whim and catering to special interest needs that the school board appears to be doing. Keeping on my train of thought, the board of education needs to share the guilt also and show remorse not to mention the shame of allowing the poorly run educational system to continue to this day. They should for the betterment of our children, the teachers and taxpayers and the community resign.

One question to the parents, grandparents and the taxpayers: Do you really care for our children? Stand together and with one voice loud and clear tell them to resign for the good of all. Resign today!

God bless the children for they will be the leaders of this the commonwealth and this great nation if they are well educated.

God bless the teachers that can and will educate our youth to be better educated leaders for years to come.

Bob J. Scott