Raiders surmount halftime deficit to win home opener

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Trimble County High School triumphed in its first win of the season, defeating the Clinton County Bulldogs 10 – 8 at home. The game was a golden opportunity to regain momentum after the Raiders’ heavy loss at Berea. “We’re going to fire off harder, run the ball harder, and hit harder,” said sophomore Tyler Kelley before the game. “We need to keep it physical.” Senior Trent Taylor added, “We have to step up and stay together as a team.”

Head Coach Justin Franklin described what his team had practiced throughout the week after Berea and said the determining factor would be “effort and physicality, and a willingness to play through pain.” Franklin referenced the unusual number of injuries incurred in the first game. “But the guys are coming together despite their injuries and are playing just as hard.”

The first quarter of the game featured a significant number of penalties, especially for the Bulldogs. The Raider offense pushed close to the Clinton County end zone before being pushed back after a fumble. In the second quarter, Trimble’s players remained within inches of the Clinton end zone before sophomore Wyatt Atkins finally scored a safety. Clinton sprung back into action shortly afterward with a touchdown and a successful two-point conversion.

At the beginning of the second half, the Raider defense struggled to keep the Bulldogs from scoring additional points that would flip the score in Clinton’s favor. Sophomore Brandon Yowler-Jones scored a safety, followed by a touchdown by Dusty Wyssbrod at the end of the third quarter. The line of scrimmage inched closer and closer to the Raider end zone in the last quarter; however, following a 15-yard penalty for Clinton after a personal foul and a sack by sophomore Bo Hawkes and a tackle for loss by Trent Taylor, any chance of a Bulldog touchdown grew slimmer and slimmer.

Praising his team after the game, Franklin said, “We couldn’t be more proud of you. Now is not the time to quit.” The Raiders play this Friday, August 31, at Paris.