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Feb. 28 to March 4, 2011

By The Staff


  • Jeremy Allan Garcia, flagrant non-support. Court cannot conduct a preliminary hearing. Defendant was appointed a public defender; all public defenders were furloughed today. Court find good cause to continue preliminary until Mar. 3.
  • Jared E. Jones, Review for 2009. Close case.
  • Michael Woods, criminal mischief, 3rd degree-2 charges; theft by unlawful taking-2 charges. Not guilty plea entered. Preliminary hearing Mar. 15.


  • Shannon M. Caple, review. Continue to Mar. 15. 
  • Justin S. Clark, review for sentencing/review for dismissal. Continue to Mar. 15 for review.
  • Andrew T. Cope, show cause for $918 due. Defendant paid $400, continue to Mar. 29.
  • Monty Durand, other hearing for motion for discovery and inspection. Discovery action already answered.
  • Matthew J. Fuller, show cause for proof of ADE enrollment and impoundment. Proof shown and order signed.
  • Waylon Dewane Hillard, review for $1371.50 due in full. Failed to appear, warrant $1500.
  • Jessica L. Law, assault 4th degree minor injury. Continue to Mar. 15.
  • Gary Lee Luckett Jr., assault 4th degree minor injury. Continue to Mar. 22.
  • Lisa Gail McClellan, review for possession of marijuana. Under submission.
  • Hannah Tice, failed to appear review. Apply bond to diversion fee and bond filing fee, refund balance.


  • Ashly R. Austin, failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security, 1st offense. Failed to appear. Notify DOT.
  • Mark A. Brierly, show cause for $25 due. Paid.
  • Adam Foley, show cause for $878. Defendant paid $100, balance due Mar. 15.
  • Christopher Kelly, failure to wear seat belts. Continue to Mar. 15. Failure to notify address change to DOT dismissed.
  • James M. Singleton, failure to produce insurance card amended to no insurance, 1st offense. Guilty plea entered. Fine $500, $400 suspended. $273 fine, fees, and court cost due. Apply bond and pay $23 today. No or expired Kentucky registration receipt, No or expired registration plates dismissed.
  • Hannah Tice, failed to appear review. Apply bond to fines and court cost and refund balance.
  • Aaron D. Wood, failure to wear seat belts. Failed to appear, notify DOT.


  • Steve Buchanan vs Joy Willis. Remand motion to compel per Attorney Baxter.
  • World Finance Corporation vs Eddie Helm, ET AL. Review. Order signed releasing garnishment.
  • Barclays Bank Delaware vs Corrina J. Hooker. Review. Default judgment signed.
  • Kosair Children’s Hospital vs Danielle B. Simmons. Review. Default judgment signed.
  • Perry Arnold vs Michelle Toney. Review. Dismiss.
  • Eagle Financial Services, Inc. vs Garry W. Westrick. Review. Default judgment signed.


  • Christopher Peelman ET AL vs Donna Mullins. Other hearing. Under submission.


  • Estate of Alice J. Coy. Probate hearing. Petition to dispense signed.
  • Estate of Zana Hudson Cheek. Review. Final settlement.


  • Trudy and Steve Louden, Tammi Hatton and Mary Nell Peak to Debbie Perry, Travis Butters, Robert McKinney, Edward Wise, Kenneth Cottongim and Jeffrey Moore, Trustees for and in behalf of Bedford Baptist Church-certain tract of land on south side of US Hwy 42, Bedford. $100,000.
  • Federal National Mortgage Association A/K/A Fannie Mae to Kathleen M. Rousch-property at 21 Richwood Rd. Milton-$86,900.
  • Aaron and Lena Snelling to Aaron and Lena Snelling-tract of land on Wayne Lane, Milton, Parcels I & II-FCV $130,000 and $7,900.
  • John Michael Howard to Yadar A. and Mary A. Rostran-lot 19 of Willard B. Wilson Farm Division-$29,000.
  • Ana Maria Rodgers to Jason Bryan Rodgers-lot 29, Hickory Grove Subdivision at 220 Deep Elem Road, Pendleton.
  • Kinman, Inc. to Michael J. and Rebecca A. Cornett-a lot or parcel of land on Pryor’s Fork Rd.-$129,000.
  • Tex and Wanda Mitchell to Tricia and J. Michael Forlizzi-lot 11 of Fairway Woods Subdivision and Parcell #2, land on southern side of Fairway Drive-1.76 acres-$90,000.
  • Willena Ann Bird to Jacanna Jean Mahoney, Cynthia Jo Wade, Gerald Wayne Bird and Larry Joe Bird-tracts 1,2,3 consisting of 25 acres, 13 acres and 84 rods-FCV-$60,000.
  • FV-1, Inc, as trustees for Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC to Richard W. and Heather S. Toombs-1.17 acres of Hwy 1492-1803 Mt. Carmel Rd., Milton-$34,000.


Monday, Feb. 28
3:27 p.m., assisted motorist, 1000 block of U.S. 421N
7:12 p.m., extra patrol request, 400 block of Shepherd Ln

Tuesday, March 1
10:20 a.m., assisted motorist,Trimble County Park
3:51 p.m., property damage accident, Spillman Ln
4:58 p.m., report of a fight, Leisure Ct
6:55 p.m., traffic hazard, U.S. 42W
7:40 p.m., theft complaint,  3000 block of E U.S. 42

Wednesday, March 2
4:00 p.m., miscellaneous complaint,Victory Ave
10:11 p.m., disturbance complaint, Palmyra Rd

Thursday, March 3
9:42 a.m., mischief complaint, New Hope Rd

Friday, March 4
9:14 a.m., miscellaneous complaint, Trimble County High School
12:26 p.m., property damage accident, Milton Tobacco Shop
1:57 p.m., warrant served, 2000 block Kidwell Pike
3:49 p.m., domestic abuse reported, 2000 block of Coopers Bottom Rd
7:12 p.m., disturbance complaint, 300 block of McDowell Ln
7:30 p.m., intoxicated person, 500 block of Leisure Ct
8:29 p.m., motorist driving under the influence, 12000 block of U.S. 421N
9:05 p.m., traffic stop at Milton Dairy Queen

Saturday, March 5
1:25 p.m., assault reported, 200 block of U.S. 421N
2:13 p.m., driveoff reported at Milton BP