Public Records

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Dec. 6-10

By The Staff

Items published in court news are public record.
The Trimble Banner publishes all misdemeanors, felonies and small-claims judgments recorded in district court, as well as all civil suits recorded in circuit court. Juvenile court cases are not published.
Crime reports are provided by local law enforcement agencies. Charges or citations reported to The Trimble Banner do not imply guilt.
The following cases were heard the week of Dec. 6-Dec.10, 2010.


Celson U. Flores, fleeing or evading police, 1st degree, criminal mischief-2nd degree, reckless driving, operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs with .08, aggravator, 1st offense, no operators or moped license, improper parking violations, failure to produce insurance card, no or expired Kentucky registration receipt, failure to or improper signal. Not guilty plea entered. Need interpreter for preliminary hearing Dec. 14.
Kayla Purvis, burglary, 2nd degree, operating on suspended/revoked operators license. Preliminary hearing Dec. 21.


Shannon M. Caple, show cause for proof of substance abuse classes. Warrant to be issued Dec. 21 if proof not shown.
Waylon D. Hillard, show cause for $1371.50.Contempt for failure to pay. 10 days to serve. Review for restitution Jan. 18.
Gary Luckett, theft by unlawful taking, criminal trespassing, 3rd degree. Continue to Dec. 21.
Lisa Gail McClellan, review motion to suppress. New motion to suppress evidence is filed. Continue to Jan. 18.
Jeffrey Sallee, show cause for $1048 due. Failed to appear, bench warrant for $1300.
Darin S. Winkle, failed to appear review. 10 days to serve.
Darin S. Winkle, alcohol intoxication in a public place, 1st & 2nd offense. Guilty plea entered. 10 days to serve.


Joshua S. Broughton, show cause for $643 due. Paid $60. Continue to Jan. 18.
Bryan A. Cerraco, speeding 16 mph over limit. Failed to appear. Notify DOT.
Harley T. Davidson, show cause for $243. Paid $143, continue to Dec. 21 for payment in full.
Adam Foley, show cause for $1118 due. Paid $50, continue to Jan. 4.
Dora T. Gribbins, speeding 15 mph over limit. Guilty plea entered. State traffic school and $143 court cost due today.
Holly A. Hankinson, speeding 18 mph over limit. Guilty plea entered. State traffic school and $143 court cost due today.
Anne M. Harmon, failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security, 1st offense. Dismissed.
Brandy M. Jupin, review. Send pretrial suspension order release. Defendant is not entitled to hardship operator’s license. License was only suspended for 12 months that expire Nov. 2010.
Ashston R. Tudor, careless driving, inadequate silencer. Guilty plea entered. $183 fine and court cost due Feb. 15. Failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security, 1st offense dismissed.
Robin A. Waltz, diversion review. No problems, dismissed.


Steve Buchanan vs Joy Willis. Motion for setting trial date. Jury Trial Mar. 31.
Capital One Bank vs Keith A. Christman. Review. Act of congress signed, need clerk’s signature.
Capital One Bank, USA vs Alec D. Mullikin. Review. Agreed judgment order signed.


Kimberly Tate ET AL vs Shawn G. Blanton. Other hearing. Trial held. Matter under submission. Order signed judgment for plaintiff.
Estate of Martha Horton. Review. Order signed.
Estate of Nancy Ruth Stangle. Probate hearing. Will admitted as self-proving. Petition to dispense with probate signed.
Estate of Edna M. Burgess. Probate hearing. Petition to dispense signed.
Estate of Lillice Craft. Review. Final settlement approved.
Estate of Larry Ridener. Review. Petitioner needs to come back to court Dec. 21.
Estate of Aggie Lee Smith. Probate hearing. Petition to dispense signed.
Estate of Norman B. Wentworth. Probate hearing. Petition to dispense signed.


William Aubrey Jackson Living Revocable Trust to Kyle D. and Cheryl L. Lyon-real estate located on the south side of KY Hwy 36 in Milton, Ky.-37 acres-$650,000
Fess D. and Trasee Whitaker to Wesleyan Church, Inc.-north side of US Hwy 421, Milton-Lot 9 of Whitaker Subdivision-Fair Market Value $9,000.
Sylvan and Rachel Scott to Sylvan & Rachel Scott Revocable Trust-Tract I, 43 acres & Tract II, 235 acres with exceptions $91,600 and Tract III 47 acres $7,800.
Robert & Nancy Garrett to Aaron & Lena Snelling-real estate on eastern side of Wayne’s Lane-7.49 acres. $1.00.
Gina L. Munier to Mark Munier-real estate on south side of Hwy #1255-$1.00
Wilmer P. & Thelma Crafton to Kathy S. Bryan-tract of land north of city of Bedford abutting Gatewood Lane. Fair Cash Value $101,300.
Wilmer P. & Thelma Crafton to Kathy S. Bryan-real estate 2 miles north east of Bedford on Hwy 37(now 421). Fair cash value $40,500.
Wilmer P. & Thelma Crafton to Kathy S. Bryan-real estate being tract I of Minor Plat for J.E.T. Willis Farms, LLC-fair cash value $130,300.
Jonathon S. & Veronica Morris to Thomas A. Hoke-land on Corley Rd. $139,000
Green Tree Servicing LLC to Marty Claycomb-lot 28 Hardy Creek Rd. $10,000.
Javier Reyes-Mercado & Celia Reyes-Rodriguez to Donna K. Hughes-Tract 2-2.38 acres on north end of Gills Ridge Rd. $15,000.
Orville III & Adair Smith to Josh & Amanda Riordan-real estate 7,3 acres south of Pattons Creek road $20,000.
Steve W. & Tina R. Buchanan to Gary L. & Dana Green-tract 21, Ponderosa Acres, Section 2 on east side of Hwy #625 $167,500.
Lillian Barnes, by and through her co-Guardians Dorothy Waits and Helen Thornton parcel I & II located in Trimble County, KY. near US 421 and north line of Jesse Hayes Tract. $38,000.
James Edward Jupin III to James E. Jr. & Carolyn S. Jupin-tract #1-4.018 acres, more or less, on Morton Ridge Rd. Fair cash value $18,000.