Practical benefits of Reiki

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. The special energy that was gifted to Dr. Usui during a twenty-one day Mt Kurama retreat in 1914 was named Reiki. In the Japanese language, the word ‘Rei’ means Universal and ‘Ki’ means Spiritual wisdom which comes from God Consciousness through our Higher Self. This is an extremely high energy frequency which raises the level of lower dense energy that accompanies disease and disturbed emotional states. It aids many of our current health issues.

Reiki has scientifically been proven to be helpful in hospitals to reduce the time of healing from wounds and surgery. Not only has it been a great benefit in pain reduction of muscles and headaches, it has also shown marked success with chronic illness and chronic pain. Reiki is especially effective when dysfunction occurs in the endocrine and glandular systems. Thyroid and hormonal problems, diabetes and digestive disturbances are also favorable affected. Since Reiki has been proven to speed growth of healthy cells, it has a regenerative benefit in skin disorders in both internal and external inflammation of all kinds.

The physical benefits are only one area that Reiki has been utilized. Those with emotional disturbances, mood disorders, hyperactivity and anger management are finding exceptional relief with the practice of Reiki. Mental concerns of memory loss, mental fog and overload have shown improvement from Reiki sessions. The ability to focus and have clarity of mind are reported by those who regularly practice Reiki. Spiritual benefits allow a deeper connection to a source of power greater than one’s human nature which leads to peace of mind.

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