Police search reveals no synthetic drugs

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By Dave Taylor

Law enforcement officers from the Trimble County Sheriff’s Department and Kentucky State Police Post 5 in Campbellsburg visited Jassy’s Discount Tobacco store in downtown Milton on Tuesday, March 27, with the intent to seize synthetic drugs from the premises. Sheriff Tim Coons said the plan was to enforce the new ordinance recently enacted by the Trimble County Fiscal Court that bans the sale, possession or delivery of synthetic drugs in the county.

“We had been told they had been selling it under the counter,” Coons told representatives of the news media who were at the scene. Coons said the store clerk on duty acknowledged that the store had been marketing products that fall under the category of synthetic drugs as outlawed by the new ordinance, but that the business had ceased the sale of those items two weeks previously.

The clerk reached the owner of the store by telephone. The owner gave the officers permission on the phone to conduct a search of the store. The search failed to uncover anything illegal.

“We searched the store just like we would with a search warrant but we didn’t find anything,” Coons said. “But that’s a good thing.”