Poe announces run for Trimble County sheriff

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By The Staff


My name is Paul Poe, and I am running for the office of sheriff of Trimble County. I am a life-long resident of Trimble County and have always been interested in and concerned for its residents. 

It is my desire to serve you, my fellow citizens of Trimble County, as your sheriff. If elected, I will establish the following policies:

A 24-hour phone service, through which citizens can speak to a representative of the sheriff’s office and expect an immediate response to a request for service.

2. Our staff will work tirelessly to apprehend any person dealing in illegal drugs and substance abuse. Trimble County will not be a safe haven for drug dealers!

3. Our office will strive to follow the letter of the law without favoritism to anyone.

It is my plan to visit all of the citizens of Trimble County, and exchange ideas about the needs of the Office of Sheriff. Why do we go out of Trimble County to hire our deputies from other counties, when they have been released or dismissed from their duties? Trimble County has qualified people to fill the deputies position. Let’s keep Trimble County people employed. If they are not qualified, let’s get them qualified. You don’t have to have 25 years of experience to handle the Sheriff’s Office. You know, sometimes the experience of life is better than 3 people with 75 years of combined experience. 

Our young people are our future. Instead of working against them, let’s work with our young people to stay away from drugs and alcohol and become up-standing citizens. Let’s try to clean the drug problem out of our county.

If elected sheriff, I pledge to the citizens of Trimble County to conduct myself as a professional law enforcement officer. My staff, deputies, and I will strive to set an example of honorable moral behavior for the people of Trimble County. I also pledge to work closely with state and federal law enforcement agencies, other county departments, and elected officials. When we are working in cooperation, Trimble County will receive the police protection it needs and deserves, and the citizens are the winner. 

Paul Poe

Bedford, Ky.