Parents should listen to their children

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By The Staff

To the editor:

First of all I would like to congratulate Mrs. [Kimberly] Temple for her being re-elected to the Trimble County School Board. Mrs. Temple and her family are what I call good people and I know she will continue to do what we the people expect of her. I would also like to thank the ones that voted for me, an outsider at that. Thank You.

But I have a concern. Today, some friends of mine and I were discussing how there was or was not at one time a teacher in our school system that was supposedly reported writing sex-slanted letters to our young ladies or worse. The scuttlebutt is going around it was reported and nothing came of the concerns reported.

Now there may/may not be a lawsuit pending. Be aware our county is coming of age and is no longer a very small one horse community that is controlled by special interest boards or social clubs of the good old boys of yesterdays. To continue the old ways will invite the decay of this wonderful county and real harm to our young ones, their families and their futures.

Parents, please from this point on, never ignore and always follow up on any complaints that your sons or daughters may bring to you and hold the powers to be responsible to their duties.

Failure to do so will harm our youth for the rest of their lives. Before my retirement, I was a senior counselor for families and this I can tell you as a fact. Parents spend one hour a day with your son or daughter talking about their day and just really listen for what they may tell you for you may save them from real harm.

We are one community.

Bob J. Scott

Milton, KY