Parent: Some 4th-grade boys due court time

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By The Staff


I am writing in regard to Coach Corbin and the fourth-grade boys basketball team.

On Feb. 21-22, they played in a tournament in Madison Ind., games at 9 a.m. and approximately 3 p.m., and the fourth-grade tournament in New Castle, Ky., at 11 a.m. and approximately 1 p.m. They played again at 2 on Sunday in Madison.

The amount of games is not the reason that I am writing. It is the amount of time or lack of time that some of these boys got to play. In the first game in Madison, which was a pretty lop-sided loss, they got to play one maybe two minutes. In the two tournament games in New Castle, in which the second game was a blow-out loss, they did not play at all. The fourth game, back in Madison, they played maybe six minutes of the game.

On Sunday, the same three little boys got to play the last 20 seconds to end the game, which was another lop-sided loss. These boys might not be as good or as talented as the other boys, but they come to practice and play just as hard as the other boys do. I believe they deserved to play more.

I coached T-ball and G-ball for six years; I know what it means to kids to win and I know what it means to them to lose. I also know what it means to them to get to play and at least feel like they are on a team.

I understand playing the best players in a close game to have a chance to win. I think these boys understand that, also. But when you are losing by 15,16 or 17 points with three minutes to play, it isn’t right that they don’t get in until there is only 20 seconds left.

Coach Corbin, what do you think it does to these boys, or any boy or girl that goes through it? They lose the desire to want to play or even try out for a team.

I know winning is supposed to be great, but just seeing the smile and enjoyment on these kids’ faces when they do get in to play, even if it is a blow-out loss, is worth more than any win. I may be alone in thinking this way, but if I am, then something is wrong.

Barry Louden

Worthville, Ky.