Organ donation can help save a life

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By The Staff


I am writing in response to a recent article on organ donation.

I would like to say a special thank you to Laman Stark and his staff for the efforts they have put forth in promoting organ donation.

I would also like to say thank you to my sister, Beth Toombs. She tested to try to donate a kidney to me; but was told she couldn’t. I cannot begin to express what that meant to me.

I am one of many people on dialysis. My kidneys are completely shut down. The dialysis machine, three days a week for three and a half hours is what is keeping me alive. It has been a long, hard journey, but I live for my two beautiful girls and a hope that one day I will get a second chance - a new kidney.

There are people, who like me that would be very grateful if given that second chance. For some it’s too late.

Please remember that it could not only be you one day, but your mother or father, son or daughter, other family members, or even your best friend. Please sign your cards, become part of the Kentucky Donor Registry. You could be making a big difference in someone’s life.

Hopefully, you or your family will never have to go through the journey of dialysis and hospital stays that I have had so far.

Thank you.

Carla Bayer