News of Public Record 06-08-11

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Items published in court news are public record.
The Trimble Banner publishes all misdemeanors, felonies and small-claims judgments recorded in district court, as well as all civil suits recorded in circuit court. Juvenile court cases are not published.
Crime reports are provided by local law enforcement agencies. Charges or citations reported to The Trimble Banner do not imply guilt.
The following records were heard in court the week of May 30-June 3, 2011

Mark A. Cohron Jr., sexual abuse, 1st degree. Dismiss without prejudice per county attorney.
Todd Russell Duncan, flagrant non-support. Defendant waives to grand jury, waiver signed, $18,000 unsecured bond, remain law abiding, live in Carroll County, pay child support as ordered.
Christopher Fluhr, show cause for $250. Failed to appear, issue warrant $250 cash, no surety.
Sarah J. Horstman, criminal mischief, 1st degree. Guilty plea entered to amended charge of criminal mischief, 2nd degree. Pass sentencing until June 28.
Jamie Louise Leathers, flagrant non-support. Not guilty plea entered.
Brandi Nichole Jones, assault 4th degree minor injury, wanton endangerment-1st degree, wanton endangerment-2nd degree, criminal mischief, 1st degree, criminal mischief, 3rd degree, escape, 2nd degree, identify facility. Not guilty plea entered. Preliminary hearing June 28; $5,000 at 10% cash, remain law abiding, no contact with Lynn Coldiron.
Joshua Sparkman, theft by unlawful taking parts from vehicle-2 counts, burglary 2nd degree forced entry non-residence, theft by unlawful taking, burglary, 2nd degree. Not guilty plea entered. Time waiver signed; preliminary hearing June 28; amend bond to $5,000 unsecured; no new offenses; cooperate with MCR monitoring; reside in Campbellsburg; no contact with complaining witness, victims or Cleveland Riley.

Adam Lee Artis, review. Apply bond to diversion fee and refund balance. Remand to June 14.
Dana Marie Ash, terroristic threatening, 3rd degree. Not guilty plea entered. Continue to June 28.
Louis Anthony Bear II, review. Order of expungement granted.
Sharon Ann Church, review. Failed to appear. Issue warrant for $130 cash, no surety.
Christopher Fluhr, show cause for $221.75 due. Failed to appear. Issue warrant for $251.75 cash, no surety.
Sarah Horstman, terroristic threatening. Dismissed per county attorney.
Jonathan D. McIntyre, show cause. Final continuance Sept. 6 to be paid in full.
Kevin L. Shockey, operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc., .08, 1st offense, failure of owner to maintain required insurance or security, 1st offense, no or expired registration plates, possession of marijuana, possessing open alcohol beverage container in a motor vehicle. Continue arraignment to June 14.
Benjamin T. Tharp, review for proof of AA attendance. Ok, proof of AA shown.

Johnnie Ray Bowles, show cause for $468. Ok, paid in full.
Brian D. Brown, failure to wear seat belts. Guilty plea entered. Paid $25 fine.
Karen Sue Clark, review. Ok, paid.
Wendy L. Coghill, show cause for $143 due. Pay $50 today, continue to June 28 to be paid in full.
Donald L. Ely Jr., show cause for $163 due. Ok, paid.
Taylor Fox, review. Failed to appear. Issue warrant $2500 cash, no surety.
Danton Ross Harper, show cause for proof of additional 6 months paid insurance. Failed to appear. Send notice to DOT, resend order to conditional discharge, suspension of license for non-compliance, send amended abstract to DOT.
James J. Harsin, failure to produce insurance card, license to be in possession dismissed per proof.
Tara D. Howard, failed to appear review. Continue to June 21 for contempt of court with Judge Crosby.
Shandi R. McDowell, failure to produce insurance card, license to be in possession, careless driving. Failed to appear, issue warrant for $500 cash and notify DOT.
Daniel R. McFarland Sr., failure of owner to maintain required insurance or security, 1st offense, no or expired registration plates, no or expired Kentucky registration receipt, failure to produce insurance card, operating on suspended or revoked operators license, failure to register transfer of motor vehicle. Arraignment June 14.
Jamie W. Purvis, show cause for $393 due. Convert to credit for time served, in lieu of balance of fine and court cost to be paid and close out.
Rebecca H. Rhyne, failure to wear seat belts. Guilty plea entered. $25 fine. Failure of owner to maintain required insurance or security, 1st offense. Guilty plea entered. $400 suspended, $100 due. Failure to use child restraint device in vehicle. Guilty plea entered. $50 fine. Fine and court cost of $318 due Nov. 29.
Jeremiah S. Sharp, review. Send order to appear to show proof of compliance with ADE by June 14.
Richard L. Smith Jr., failure to wear seat belts. Guilty plea entered. $25 fine paid. Failure to notify address change to DOT dismissed per proof.
George W. Sullivan, speeding 22 mph over limit. Guilty plea entered. State traffic school and $143 court cost due Nov. 29.

WLH Properties vs Kim Clark, ETAL. Forcible detainer. Continue to June 14.
LVNV Funding, LLC vs Sherilyn Adams, review. Order of dismissal signed.
RMC Corporation vs Jason M. Fonner. Review. Order to transfer signed.
Nationwide Farm Supply and Hardware, Inc. vs Dale Wilson. Review. Agreed order signed.

Estate of Chester O. Powell, probate hearing. Amended order signed.
Estate of James S. Rassman, probate hearing. Amended order signed.
Guardianship of Chandler Hughes. Final settlement needs to reflect balance of funds have been disbursed to Chandler Hughes. Upon final report or documentation provided that minor has received all funds, then court will enter order to discharge guardians from any further duties or responsibilities.


Tuesday, May 31
8:22 a.m., property damage accident, Bedford Fastop
11:48 a.m., assisted motorist, U.S. 42
12:07 p.m., miscellaneous complaint, Wentworth Ave
12:18 p.m., assisted motorist, 400 block Corn Creek Rd
1:00 p.m., escort, Bedford Baptist Church
1:02 p.m., traffic stop, Trimble County Middle School and Wentworth Ave
4:18 p.m., suspicious incident, 12000 block U.S. 421N
6:30 p.m., disturbance, Stonestreet Rd
7:13 p.m., process papers, Willard Wilson Rd
7:32 p.m., process papers, 3000 block Hwy. 316
7:42 p.m., process papers, 2000 block Bells Ridge Rd
8:09 p.m., process papers, 600 block Luckett Ln
8:37 p.m., process papers, Edgewater Dr
8:49 p.m., alarm, 9000 block U.S. 421N
9:12 p.m., reckless driver, Devin Dr

Wednesday, June 1
9:54 a.m., reckless driving, 1000 block U.S. 421N
10:21 a.m., juvenile out of control, 10000 block U.S. 421N
12:36 p.m., process papers, 200 block Martini Ln
1:03 p.m., process papers, Ridgetop Dr
1:15 p.m., process papers, 1900 block Pattons Creek
2:01 p.m., process papers, 300 block Wises Landing Rd
4:33 p.m., assisted motorist, 11000 block U.S. 421N

Thursday, June 2
12:06 p.m., processed papers, 3000 block U.S. 421S
12:16 p.m., processed papers, Willard Wilson Rd
12:24 p.m., extra patrol request, 200 block Wilson Ct
12:37 p.m., processed papers, Timberline Dr
1:11 p.m., processed papers, Long View Dr
1:30 p.m., domestic abuse, 100 block U.S. 42E
2:12 p.m., processed papers, 600 block Luckett Ln
4:39 p.m., 1300 block Quire Joslin Ln
6:46 p.m., processed papers, 400 block Martini Ln
7:47 p.m., trespassing, Connector Rd
8:19 p.m., processed papers, Timberline Rd

Friday, June 3
11:39 a.m., wanted person, McDowell Lane Apartments
10:19 p.m., traffic stop, 200 block U.S. 42W

Saturday, June 4
9:46 p.m., miscellaneous complaint, Hwy. 36E
10:07 p.m., traffic stop, Smitha Rd and U.S. 421N