New Trimble/Henry Animal Shelter receives the praise of reader

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I would like to thank the Henry and Trimble County Fiscal Courts for joining together and building a much needed animal shelter. The counties have needed a place like this for many years. I’m writing this letter to let the citizens of Henry and Trimble counties know that the shelter is open not just for taking in dogs but, open to the public. If you are interested in a dog or other pet check them out. There are some great dogs and puppies out there looking for a new home. The shelter does not take cats or kittens at this time but if you are looking for a cat or kitten or any other pet you can call the shelter at 502-255-0111 and they may know of someone who is fostering one. There is a cost for adoptions. This covers the cost of altering the dog and their shots.

The animal shelter needs much-needed donations to keep the cost for the counties in budget. If you would like to make a donation to the shelter you can take the items to the shelter or to the Morgan Community Center. Items needed are bleach, pet food, puppy pads, dog toys, latex free gloves, towels, and old blankets. They also need volunteers to become foster parents for dogs and cats. The shelter will be offering a volunteer and foster training in the coming weeks. Give it a try. It is very rewarding and you can pick how long you would want to foster or volunteer. I fostered a dog nine years ago when Henry County was shooting dogs in the head and she has been with us ever since.

Please feel free to call the shelter or me at 502-255-4879 if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Rita Davis