New state laws take effect Thursday

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From The State Journal

Several bills passed in this year’s legislative session, from curbs on the sale of cold and allergy medications to seat belt requirements on 15-passenger vehicles, will take effect Thursday.
Bills passed by the legislature generally become law 90 days after a session ends.

Here’s a look at some of them, according to the Legislative Research Commission:

>Senate Bill 32 establishes a statewide emergency alert system for those suspected of injuring a police officer.

The “Blue Alert” system mirrors the Amber Alert for missing children and will use law enforcement communications, electronic highway signs and media in efforts to catch suspects after an officer is reported wounded or missing.

>House Bill 385 enforces tougher rules for miners who fail drug or alcohol tests.

Offenders can’t hold mining licenses or certificates for three years, and repeat offenders will face harsher penalties.

>House Bill 411 sets the Monday of the fourth week in August as Coal Truck Driver Appreciation Day.

>House Bill 484 allows Kentuckians to carry concealed deadly weapons without a license on their property or business.

>House Bill 390 will help deter the theft of valuable metals like copper by requiring metal recyclers to take proof of ownership before mailing a check to the seller.

Recyclers will also receive regular reports of metal thefts in the area under the bill.

>House Bill 85 abolishes laws regarding pensions for Confederate soldiers who served in the Civil War.

>House Bill 421 allows homeowners a five-day grace period to opt out of roofing contracts if an insurance policy doesn’t cover the construction.

>Senate Bill 43 gives diplomas to disabled students who finish modified high school curriculums. Disabled students currently receive a certificate of completion after high school.

>Senate Bill 58 allows police officers to make arrests for misdemeanor assaults if altercations occur in a hospital emergency room.

Currently, police officers must witness an assault in an emergency room before arresting someone.

>House Bill 402 allows the Executive Branch Ethics Commission to share evidence with the Personnel Board and Auditor of Public Accounts if information is needed for ongoing investigations.

>House Bill 308 establishes a panel to regulate private, for-profit colleges and universities in Kentucky.

The bill replaces the Kentucky Board for Proprietary Education with the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, which is a four-member board. HB308 also creates a compensation fund for grievances and a revised student complaint review process.

>Senate Bill 3 limits purchases of over-the-counter cold and allergy medications containing pseudoephedrine in pill or tablet form from 9 grams per month to 7.2 grams with a 24-gram yearly limit.

SB3 also creates a mandatory electronic monitoring system to track pseudoephedrine purchases.

>House Bill 224 makes Kentucky National Guard members eligible for financial assistance in adopting children.

>Senate Bill 115 requires a thorough medical examination prior to admission to a personal-care home.

>House Bill 121 requires Prisoner of War and Missing in Action flags bought or displayed by public institutions be made in the U.S.

>Senate Bill 110 protects schools from liability in cases where an injury occurs after school hours, giving communities easier access to school facilities for recreation after school.

>Senate Bill 89 requires seatbelts in 15-person passenger vans.

SB89 was filed in response to a crash on Interstate 65 that killed 11 Mennonites en route to a funeral in 2010. Most weren’t wearing a seat belt, and current law requires seat belts on vehicles that carry up to 10 passengers.

>House Bill 439 allows the Transportation Cabinet to increase the speed on Interstate 69 in western Kentucky to 70 mph.

>House Bill 221 allows veterans to have their service designated on driver’s licenses and other state IDs, making it easier to show proof of service for various discounts and services available to veterans.

>House Bill 256 establishes and committee to oversee the construction and upkeep of an Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial.

>House Bill 344 imposes harsher penalties for those who release feral hogs into the wild.

--Kentucky News Content Service