New fields would boost participation, pride

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I would like to share my thoughts on the proposed sports complex.
Athletics play an important role in the lives of students. If handled correctly, athletics teach the importance of academics, leadership, discipline, endurance, hard work, social skills, and also help with the obesity problem among our youth.
A large percentage of our students participate in sports here in Trimble Co. Attendance to basketball or football games is not a fair evaluation of the number of students that participate in our athletic programs. Many of our youth play sports such as track, cross-country, volleyball, tennis, golf, judo, baseball, softball, and cheerleading.
It would be interesting to compare the dropout rate, attendance, the grade point average, and the discipline record of serious offenses between athletes and not participants. We might be surprised to find how sports play an important role in the success in our youth.
To say the new athletic facilities would only benefit a small percentage of our youth is not fair.
It is my opinion that if more of our youth were involved in athletics, clubs, and activities it would benefit the overall performance (academics, attendance, graduation rate, discipline, etc.) among our youth and school system. Building new facilities will promote participation and also bring a sense of respect, confidence and pride to our students and community.
Currently, we are transporting some of our teams to neighboring facilities in order to practice for athletic events. To me, this is embarrassing to our school district.
It is my opinion, the earlier we get this plan started, the faster we will begin seeing the benefits within our students.
We have a very good school system. Let’s continue the progress that our former administrators and board members have provided.

Dale Vincent
Bedford, Ky.