More Milan natives, Trimble grads surface

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It was so exciting to read your ‘introduction’ in the latest edition of The Trimble Banner.
Long long ago, far far away, in another galaxy my brother and I were both birthed at the Milan Clinic. It appears from your story that you born early ’50’s era – which makes you a babe in arms to us. I can honestly tell you that you are the only other person I have known who was born at the Milan Clinic – besides my brother. 
I am Ann McEndre Cheek, my OLDER brother is Rand McEndre, and currently (“current” being the last 40-plus years) live in Lexington. We are 1943 and 1944 “chicks” – and were reared in Trimble County.
Our parents – Howard & Gertrude McEndre (deceased) lived at the family farm on U.S. 42 East since 1946, where we grew up, when daddy returned from The Big One! The land was his grandfather’s – and there is a lot of history in the house and outbuildings. It was wonderful growing up together on the farm in Trimble County.
Rand and I are alumni of TCHS (1962) – and 1966 alumni Asbury University (then College) – 
Could it be possible that your mother’s caregiver was Dr. Hunter? He was the fatherly type and all the young expected mothers loved him – especially those whose husbands were off at war!!!
When Rand and I were college freshmen (at Asbury) and home on ‘leave” (circa 1962-63) we visited the Milan Clinic and Dr. Hunter was  still going strong. We have a wonderful picture of him, our parents and us some 20 years post birth.
Rand and I continue to visit Trimble County to manage the farm, are looking forward to visiting with you at the office on our next trip (it will not be a Tuesday). We have so much to share and so little time!

Ann McEndre Cheek
Lexington, Ky.