More to be cleaned up in Ghent than junk cars

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By The Staff


After reading Mr. Dapron’s article in the last issue of The News-Democrat, I felt like I had to submit an article. Congratulations Mr. Dapron for speaking your mind! Myself, among many others, agree with you whole heartedly.

We need more people in this county who are not afraid to speak up.

I live in the city of Ghent, and I do my best not to offend anyone and try to mind my own business; however, there are quite a few others in this town who can’t mind their business. They appear to be so miserable that they have to pass their misery on to others by looking for things to complain about.

Several days ago I got a complaint that I had “junk” inoperable vehicles on my property that had grass grown up around them. I’m issuing an invitation to the person who made the complaint to come to my home and put the keys in the ignition of these vehicles and see for themselves, that, with a “click of the switch,” just how inoperable these vehicles are.

You know who you are, and you know when the complaint was made that the thought in your mind, was “there’s an upcoming election; I’m gonna score some brownie points.”

I want you to know that I moved into Ghent city limits out of necessity, but by the grace of God, when I move out, it will be by choice – my choice, not because someone thinks they can and will control this town.

I pay my bills like you do, and I do everything in my power to be a good neighbor and I would like to be treated equal to yourself and all others. I will agree that Ghent does need to be cleaned up, but making false statements isn’t going to accomplish what needs to be done.

To my understanding we have a constable. When we need law enforcement in our town, where is he? Tall grass or broken-down cars might be a big distraction to most folks, but these things aren’t as dangerous as the real crimes happening basically every day in Ghent.

There is always a fight going on somewhere, then there are those who speed through town like they own it. There are impaired drivers on the city streets behind the wheel. There are parents who allow their small children to ride on their laps with out the protection of a safety seat.

Then there are “grown ups” who are always wanting to take your young children for an ice cream or some other treat.

I don’t know where you came from, but I know that where I came from, these things are what need to be addressed and prevented. Young children can’t be allowed out of your sight in this town because of all these dangers.

I believe our constable needs to hit the streets and do some major cleaning up of the right kind. Our children are our future, and they’re the ones paying the price for someone else’s inability or unwillingness to do their job.

Instead of riding around behind a windshield thinking how powerful you are, put that power to work. Look and find the real issues in Ghent; take care of them, and everything else will fall in place.

Martha Sue Frazier

Ghent, Ky.