Milton utility addresses concerns of letter in Aug. 29 Banner

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This letter is in response to the letter submitted to The Trimble Banner from Candice Humphrey.
Letters were mailed in March 2012 to all Milton Water and Sewer customers explaining the new rates.

Ms. Humphrey called our $50 reconnect fee outrageous. I suggest Ms. Humphrey contact Trimble County Water and Shelby Energy to get their reconnect fees. If so, she will find our reconnect fee is the lowest of the three.

Our water and sewer bills are mailed approximately the 13th of each month. Those bills are due on the 25th of the month. On the 26th of the month late charges are added and late bills are mailed out. These bills state the disconnect date is the 10th of the month if payment is not received.

Keep in mind, we do not disconnect service on the 10th. Customers not wanting their water/sewer service disconnected should make payment in full by the 10th and not a day later. Our actual disconnect date may vary due to leaks or other matters that require immediate attention.

On the 10th of the month a report is generated listing all customers that have not paid their past due bills. Any customer making payment is marked off the list. On the day that disconnects are being made the list is given to the Field Supervisor and Water/Sewer Technicians. Once they leave the building with that list, any customer on the list is considered disconnected. This is not a new policy as it has been in place for many years. At that time a $50 reconnect fee will be added to their accounts. In order to be reconnected the past due balance plus the $50 reconnect fee is required to be paid. For instance, a customer cannot see our truck out making disconnects and think they can “beat” them by rushing to our office and making payment without paying the reconnect fee. The $50 reconnection fee is due regardless if the meter has been physically locked.

Milton Water and Sewer is a small company and we are in a small community but this does not mean we cannot expect payment for services we have provided for customers. We all realize times are difficult for many people. As employees, we do have sympathy for those truly in need and as many of our customers know, we have worked with them regarding their payments and service.

The purpose of this letter is to state the facts and clarify our policy regarding disconnects and reconnection fees. Any customers with questions should call our office.

Milton Water and Sewer