Milton resident urges action be taken on deadly U.S. 421 curve

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I am writing about an area on Hwy 421 in Milton that is dangerous and deadly. On the curve in the 9900 block, there were five accidents the past week with several injuries and one fatality. This is not just this past week that has been a problem. In the 14 years we have lived here, we have seen three deaths and more accidents than we can count. Many of the accidents are not listed in the Kentucky State Statistics as they are able to leave without assistance from the legal system.

There have been semi trucks turned over in our yards, a vehicle to drive into the bedroom of our neighbors as well as torn up yards that are fixed on a monthly basis. Often times speed has played a role in not being able to negotiate the curve. (The limit is 45 miles) Many of the wrecks are due to the driver not knowing the road as well as incidences of alcohol and substance abuse playing into the scenario.

I would like to ask anyone that lives in the vicinity of these accidents as well as those that travel this section of Highway 421 to contact the road department, your magistrates, commissioners, as well as other city and state officials, senators and representatives. Please discuss this with anyone that would be instrumental in obtaining signs, lights of caution and additional guard railing to make this a safer area to travel and live.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the neighbors that often direct traffic, show care and concern and pray for those hurt and scared individuals until the professionals arrive.  As for the Emergency Personnel, the Coroner, and the Kentucky State Police, we sincerely thank you for your services.

Wishing not to witness another young life lost,

Danny and Denise Hall
Milton, Ky.