Milton addresses camping concerns, awards roof bid

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By Dave Taylor

The owner of a campground on Coopers Bottom Road appeared before the Milton City Commission during Thursday’s meeting seeking to clarify the Milton Water Company’s policy for billing campgrounds.

“I’m under the understanding now that I’m being charged for every lot whether there’s a camper on it or not.” Luke Burris said fellow campground owners Kenny McCoy and Joey Helton were under the same assumption as Burris that only lots with campers would be charged. “The last time I called up here I was told we were being charged for every lot whether there was a camper on it or not starting May first to October first. I don’t even open up my lower campground down there until the end of May because of floodwaters. So I’ve got to pay a $600 water bill for no campers?”

The commission revisited the minutes from the November 2011 meeting at which an agreement was reached between the commission and campground owners.

“We have to go by what was in the last minutes,” Mayor Denny Jackson said. “It was agreed that the campgrounds would only be billed for the trailers sitting on the sites. The meter reader would count the trailers each month and the owner would be charged accordingly.”

The city agreed to make adjustments retroactive to May 1.

In other business, the commissioners voted to accept a bid from B&R Roofing for $11,515 to replace the roof on the Milton Municipal Building plus $350 for the use of a dumpster to dispose of the refuse. The city made a stipulation that the contractor is to start the project by Oct. 15.

The city accepted a bid of $2,530 from Luke Taylor for the purchase of a surplus city pickup truck with a snow plow. Two other bids of less than $1,000 were also presented for consideration. A bid of $4,001 from Mark Mullins was accepted for a surplus dump truck.

Developer Terry Willis approached the commission seeking help to install a sewer line to one lot in Riverview Subdivision.

“Back in 2001 we began to develop this area and before we developed it we got with (city engineer) Eugene O’Brien and (the late Mayor) Donnie Oakley,” Willis said. “The water and sewer came up to what is lot 25. We extended that. We got with Eugene and Donnie to ensure what was appropriate.”

Willis said his concern 11 years ago was whether there were utilities for all the lots in the subdivision and secondly that the city water and sewer would have the capacity to do that.

Willis recently sold lot 38 “at the tail end and I find out there’s not sewer there. It is a little unnerving that I was told and guaranteed that all of the utilities were present for all of the lots and now I find out I’m one lot short,” Willis said.

He has one lot—about 150 feet—to cross with the installation of a sewer line.

“I know it’s very expensive now compared to what it was 11 years ago,” Willis said. “I told Denny (Jackson) that I was willing to get the materials and put it in if I could get some help with the labor putting it in. I felt that was fair since I was guaranteed that everything was already there.”

The commissioners asked for some numbers from Willis after which the city would meet again in a special session to consider the request.