Meet Amy Eversole: New City Attorney for Bedford, Milton

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As new laws are introduced, new politicians take office, administrations change or shift…these events can mean big changes for small towns like Bedford and Milton. To ensure our communities are within the legal parameters of the law Amy L. Eversole has been hired for the job.
“I have been the City Attorney for Carrolton since 2015, have had the privilege to be the City Attorney for Bedford since 2016 and now in Milton as of 2017,” she said.
Eversole has been licensed in Kentucky 2011 and Indiana since 2012. She obtained her undergrad in Business Administration and law degree from the University of Louisville. Throughout law school Amy traveled to Frankfort to work fulltime by day and ventured to Louisville for classes at night! The law firm in Frankfort was primarily focused on collections. All of her hard work, long nights of studying and dedication to achieving her goals has paid off as she now holds the title as City Attorney for Carrolton, Bedford and Milton, as well as working for an excellent firm and great associates.
“I came to work at James & Wells, P.S.C. in 2014, where I am fortunate to work with attorneys G. Edward James, Jonathan O. Wells and Robert A. Riley,” Eversole said. “All three are talented and hardworking attorneys as well as good mentors.
“Crystal Heinz is the Trimble County Attorney, who prosecutes misdemeanor and traffic offenses, represents Fiscal Court, collects child support and prosecutes all juvenile cases, as part of her duties,” Eversole said. “As a City Attorney, some of my duties include representing the cities in litigation actions, assisting with the collection of delinquent taxes, drafting ordinances, attending meetings and conducting research and giving legal advice on issues as they arise. The local elected officials have very important jobs, which they take seriously, and I help them try to reach their envisioned goals for their communities by looking for effective and efficient ways to enact and enforce local ordinances. The local officials I work with are dedicated to their communities, are always looking for ways to improve their cities and welcome citizen comments and feedback. It is truly an honor to be a part of this process.”
Amy is here to help and plans to assist both cities with the legalities of maintaining a city to ensure they are within the parameters of the law. For example: “There was a major change in Kentucky law regarding local code enforcement last year with the passage of HB 422, and one of my immediate goals is to assist Bedford and Milton to use the new law to enforce their ordinances. I have also been working with Mayor (Todd) Pollock of Bedford to draft the alcoholic beverage control ordinance after the special election in December,” Amy explained.
From Henry County as a child to graduating from Trimble County High School and continuing to reside in Trimble County, Amy L. Eversole is Milton and Bedford’s city lawyer. She is someone who understands a small community, their individual needs, goals and caring for her clients. We are thankful to have such a wonderful, intelligent, family oriented, city lawyer to assist our dedicated local officials in reaching and setting goals to improve our beautiful community. Welcome, Amy L. Eversole.