Margie Webster named Signature’s CNA of the Year

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By Dave Taylor

Signature HealthCARE has recognized Bedford resident Margie Webster as Certified Nursing Assistant of the Year. Webster has been employed at the Bedford nursing home facility for 23 years this month.

Signature HealthCARE of Trimble County Administrator Mark Witt said Webster was chosen from among personnel of 30 facilities in the Signature system.

“We nominated her and she was selected the best CNA out of those 30 buildings in our segment,” Witt said.

As part of the selection process the nominees were required to write an essay. Webster’s essay, titled “The Three Pillars of Love,” is published on Page 5 in today’s Trimble Banner.

“It was an honor to get chosen,” Webster said in an interview Thursday. “I love my job. I love taking care of the residents and working with my co-workers and the families. When Mark told me I was selected I told him I didn’t feel like I really deserved it anymore than anyone else. I do feel that I work hard. I never call in unless it’s really a bad emergency or something and I always try to get along with all my co-workers. I respect everyone and I always try to be there for the residents no matter what. I enjoy talking to family members.”

The Trimble facility has changed “quite a bit” in her 23 years of employment, she said. “When I first started here it was Trimble Nursing Center, then ExtendaCare of Bedford, Bedford Health Care and Rehab and now it’s Signature HealthCARE. When I first started here the lady that trained me was Hilda Parrish.”

Parrish is now the Office Manager at The Trimble Banner.

“Hilda was outstanding,” Webster said. “She told me the main thing is do your job, come to work, respect everybody and take care of your residents. To this day when she sees me she’ll say, ‘You’re still there. I taught you well, didn’t I?’ That’s how she was. She was a great aide.”

Margie was honored for professional accomplishments on the facility’s Wall of Fame in Sept. 2008. The plaque commemorating her achievement states: “Margie participates in the Quality of Life Program and is a positive stakeholder and example to her fellow stakeholders… Her first position was as a Nursing Assistant. When regulations changed, Margie Webster passed the exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. She worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant until the year 2000. At that time she was trained to be a Restorative Aide and has functioned in that position since. She always has a great attitude and is ready to help wherever she is needed.”

Webster said she has many good memories of residents and coworkers down through the years.

“One patient we had here—Hazel Jackson—was from this community,” she said. “She would always tell us about them letting school out so they could see the first car go through Bedford. She was a big U of K fan. She had a picture on her wall of her nephew who played for U of K. I think it was Jack Tingle. I’ve heard a lot of old-timers’ tales over the years I’ve been here.”

Margie and her husband, Kenny Webster, live near the high school in Bedford. They have four grown children and seven grandchildren.

“I’ve lived in Trimble County for 25 years but I’m originally from Columbia, Ky.,” she said. “The main reason I moved from Columbia was for work because at that time there wasn’t much to do down there. I worked for 4-1/2 years at Days Inn in LaGrange and I decided I would come here and try it out. I’ve been here ever since.”

Aside from work Margie said she doesn’t have many hobbies. “In the summer I like gardening and flowers, but my main thing is my grandchildren. I love my grandchildren coming to my house.”

Webster said the management style of the Signature HealthCARE system has made the Trimble County facility “a lot better. They seem to care more about their employees and they offer so much more. We got five stars last year on our survey. That was really exciting! Someday I may be here and hopefully I’ll get treated like I’ve tried to treat my residents.”