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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Dec. 9, 1982)
 Federal law requires counties surrounding a nuclear power plant to have a plan in the event of a radiological emergency. The first meeting for preparing such a plan was held last Tuesday evening at the courthouse in Bedford. Representatives of Marble Hill, their plan consultants, Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation of New York, Kentucky state consultants and Trimble County representatives were present.

LG&E generating plant in Wises Landing has stopped construction until a management audit is conducted. There had been some misconceptions and confusion about the construction of the unit and about a request for a management audit at LG&E by some critics of the company. One of those critics asking for a management audit is J. Bruce Miller, the County Attorney for Jefferson County. Paid spots on a local television station have been aired frequently voicing this request by him in which he mentioned the Trimble County stations. Many people hearing the spots and the word ‘audit’ assumed it was a financial audit. Robert Royer, spokesman for LG&E said they could delay construction and would do so. He said that they were not saying it would be ready in 1987 but that it wouldn’t be ready before then. They actually need the unit in 1985 when the Cane Run Units can no longer be fired with coal because they will not meet the required environmental requirements. Two-thirds of the Trimble station is planned to replace the Cane Run units. Royer said it took 12 years from its inception to build a unit such as the one at Wise’s Landing. Since the unit was started in January of 1979, Royer stated that it has cost $200 million. He went on to say, LG&E are subjected regularly to extensive audits and they have their own independent consultants who have shown them improvements needed and those improvements are being implemented. “We feel we have already accomplished the task of management auditing,” he said. A management audit would cost about one half a million dollars and that no inefficiency has been found in management. “Look at it this way, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’”

Bedford Loan and Deposit Bank celebrates its 26th Christmas Open House from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. December 18, 1982.

Deaths: Kathryn Richmond, 72, Bedford; William Ralph Joyce, Milton; Donald G. “Don” Tandy, 73, Bedford.

70 Years Ago (Dec. 10, 1942)
Letters from Trimble County Soldier Boys come from Lt. Maynard A. Sangster at Kirtland Field in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Clifford Sachleben at Enid Army Flying School in Enid, Okla. Pfc. George H Griffith is well and is stationed in North Africa. Went through the battle Oran and came out safe. One of the first to enlist from Trimble County, Cpl. Quentin Harmon, Camp Cooke, Calif. spent the first furlough in 18 months with his parents.

Cecil Hackney has enlisted in the army and is now stationed at Ft. Benj. Harrison, Ind. Walton Rowlett has joined the Coast Guards, subject to call at any time.

The Juniors of Trimble County High School are putting the finishing touches on their play entitled “Everybody’s getting Married” to be presented to the public Saturday, Dec. 12.

Richland theatre in Carrollton showing Friday & Saturday, Dec. 11 & 12 “Jesse James Jr.” Sunday & Monday Dec. 13-14 Abbott & Costello in “Who Done It”

Deaths: Mrs. Amanda Dougherty Cull, North Bedford; Warren Sutherland, 74,Bedford, died in Shelbyville at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Dempsey; Gen. James Tandy Ellis, 73, Ghent.

80 Years Ago (Dec. 8, 1932)
Campbellsburg falls before onslaught of Blue Demons last Friday night. The starting five played the entire game and the first win of the season. Port Royal will come to Bedford on Friday night of this week for a rousing game.

Graduates of the Trimble County High School have organized an independent basketball team under the supervision of Curran Lee, star of former Blue and White quintettes and Prof. C. A. Hollowell, principal of the school, as managers. They will make their first appearance before the public next Tuesday night, Dec. 13, when they will entertain the Woodland Athletics from Louisville on the local hardwood. At present the alumni squad consists of Lee, Harlan Bailey, Mount Tingle, Owen Lee Clifford, Charlie McCain, Harry Cutshaw, Elmo Stark, Orion Kendall, James McKinney and Sam and J.C. Cantrell.

Hon. William B. Belknap sent a letter inviting all Trimble county foxhunters to bring their dogs and horses to his farm in Oldham County for a Fox chase on Wednesday Dec. 14.

Deaths: Oliver P. Law, 68, Bedford; Miss Motie Young, 87, Danville, one of Bedford’s oldest and most beloved women; Judge I.T. Stanley, former County Judge, financier and lifelong resident of Trimble County; Mrs. Mary Ellen Underwood, 75, Leeport neighborhood.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.