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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Oct. 21, 1982)

Trimble County Public Library has run out of money and will have to close without help. Magistrates were told in a meeting without help the library would be forced to close its doors Nov. 15. And the people of Trimble County needed it. Chairman of the board, C.A. Hollowell said that they need an additional $8,000 for their budget. He pointed out that they had just approached the Trimble County Fiscal Court and had been given the $2,000 appropriated to them plus the court agreed to pay one employee’s salary until the first of the year. Hollowell reportedly loaned the library $6,500 to keep it out of debt.

Mischief in the county reported by Sheriff Howard Long: $900 worth of furniture belonging to Mike Jett was stolen from a house where he had it stored. A cow belonging to Raymond Smith was taken to Indiana to be sold for fertilizer. Smith later received a letter from the company saying that his cow had been killed with double ought buckshot from a shotgun. The cow was due to have a calf in December and was valued at approximately $1,000. Two other cows have been shot in recent weeks. Sheriff Long said he didn’t think they were mistaken for deer because all of them were black, two Holsteins and a black angus. Sheriff Long is offering a reward of $100 for information leading to the arrest of the offender.

Deaths: William O. McClellan Jr., 52, Crestwood; Louella Warren Rogers, 86, LaGrange.

70 Years Ago (Oct. 22, 1942)

Anyone who has had the privilege of getting new or re-tread tires and who allows their children to drive the car to school or on pleasure trips either in the daytime or after night will not be allowed new tires. This applies to trucks, also.

“Certificates of war necessity” must be carried on all operating commercial vehicles including farm trucks to be legal or to get gasoline or repair parts.

Sixteen accepted in September quota: twenty-five answer October call this week. Accepted were Ernest Hackney, Beckham Staples, Jesse W. Aldridge, Samuel Ellis Kidwell, Howard Ernest Simmons, Joe Paul Clem, Gayle E Rodgers, Earl Nelson Mahoney, George M. Somerville, John H. Wessel, Deward B. Stroup, Wilbur B. Stockdale, Gale Porter Young.

Weddings: Catherine McCord and Prof. James W. McMahan; Claudine Morgan and William Hancock; Hazel Rogers and Garrett Van Kamper.

Deaths: Lenard G. Sibley, 65, Eminence; Nannie Florence Carlisle, a native of Trimble County.  

80 Years Ago (Oct. 20, 1932)

Messrs Pearl and John McClure have replaced the Ransdell brothers as managers and proprietors at Halfway Inn, roadhouse, filling station and tourist camp at the mouth of Millers Branch on US 42, about halfway between Bedford and Carrollton.

There was evidently an epidemic of ladies losing their brown belts at the Trimble County Fair. A lady reported losing her brown belt at the fair. A brown belt was found but it was not hers. In the meantime another lady of the community came in to advertise the loss of a brown belt at the Fair. We tried to give her the belt that was found and she said it wasn’t hers. Last week someone brought us another brown belt that was found and neither lady claimed it. We don’t know whether this is a joke on us or not, but at any rate we still have both of those belts and both of the ones belonging to the ladies mentioned above are still missing.

Two prisoners being held on charges of stealing an automobile broke jail here Sunday night and have not been located.  Another prisoner in the jail said they all retired about the same time Sunday night, and that about midnight he heard a noise at the back of the building but paid no attention to it. On Monday morning, some of the jail’s bed clothing was seen hanging out the back window. The iron bar in the narrow window was removed and it is supposed that the two men made their escape through this. It is the second time prisoners have escaped in this way.

Deaths: Fronnie Culver, Carmel neighbor.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.