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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (Sept. 9, 1982)

 Thursday’s storm broke off trees, flattened tobacco in the fields and demolished a tobacco barn on the Allen Willis farm on Pecks Pike.

Complaints made by citizens concerning the sewer work, in particular the settling of dust; the noise and drainage after excavations were done.

Marlena Jean Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Smith is now home. Marlena was born July 30, but weighed only 3 lbs. and 14 ounces. Now at 5 lbs. she is a hefty enough to leave the hospital.

Obits: Cecil Dale Gammons, 33, Madison, Ind.; John Anson Hogue, 13 months old, son of John and Donna Hogue, Florence Sargent, 77, Bedford.  

 70 Years Ago (Sept. 10, 1942)

Trimble County Junk Rally was a huge success. There are several tons of old rubber tires and iron in the courthouse yard that will go to the war effort. More is needed. If you have old junk of any kind that will make utensils of war please bring it in to the county seat from now until the war is over.

Aviation Cadet Burr P. Hereford has completed his preflight training course in navigation and will enter the advanced navigation school at Monroe, La., September 10, 1942.

New Trimble inductees have been sent forward from the reception center at Fort Thomas to the Brooklyn army base in Brooklyn, NY is Robert S. Ashby, Milton; Edgar E. Adcock, James T. Callis of Bedford and Ralph D. Harmon and Verdis W. Harmon, Milton have been sent to 509th Coast Artillery Bn., Fort Bliss Texas.

Pvt. James Stark has been moved to Camp Attbury, Ind. Sgt. John Jacobs is at Camp Funston, Kansas. Private First Class Leland W. Gatewood is stationed at 1590th service Unit Camp Perry, Ohio and is getting along nicely after an operation for acute appendicitis.

Deaths: Mr. William Adams, North Madison; 10-day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Richmond.

 80 Years Ago (Sept. 8, 1932)

Francis Smith was loading a shotgun Sunday morning, when it discharged, sprinkling his sons Edgar and Malcolm, with shot.

The father was placing the shell in the gun to shoot a hawk that was after the chickens. When the weapon was accidentally discharged the shot struck the floor, glancing and striking the two boys. Both boys were brought to the county health department for treatment of minor flesh wounds and Edgar was taken to Louisville City Hospital for treatment for serious injury to the left eyeball where a shot penetrated it.

Curtis Duncan, 34, was shot by accident with a 22-caliber rifle, dying about twelve hours later. His brother, Alva and wife were visiting their mother on Sunday when Alva went out with a rifle squirrel hunting. When about 250 yards from the house, in a wooded pasture, he fired at a target, not knowing that Curtis had left his home. It was necessary for Alva to summon help to carry his brother, who remained conscious for a while, to the house. Dr. Clinton Walker was summoned and accompanied the wounded man to St. Joseph Hospital in Louisville in the Terrell Bros. Ambulance. He died on Monday morning and his body was brought back for funeral services on Tuesday and he was laid to rest in the family burying ground.

Mr. Otis Devine died On Wednesday of last week in Carrollton. He grew up in Bedford and during the World War, when two of his brothers, Raleigh and Noble Devine were drafted for military service, Otis went before the draft board without the knowledge of either brother and offered to take Raleigh’s place in the draft in order that he might be able to stay home and care for his widowed mother. His funeral services were held at the Bedford Methodist church on Friday and interment was in the IOOF cemetery.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.