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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (July 08, 1982)
Trimble County Fiscal Court met Saturday morning, July 3, with all magistrates and judge-executive attending in a 3-hour session of setting salaries of the county officials.

Bernice Liter is the new county treasurer and is to retain the $100,000 bond through Rand Insurance Agency by which Wilma Olivigni, former treasurer, was bound.

The Madison Regatta weekend resulted in a total of 254 citations, 151 resulting in physical arrest. There was a total of 20 criminal arrests. Kentucky state police troopers patrolled Milton and the surrounding area using LaGrange Post 5 and twenty additional troopers from other areas.

Perry Arnold has been hired as the new corporate lawyer for the city of Bedford.

Deaths: William Wentworth, 44, Milton was electrocuted Monday in Switzerland County, Ind., when a tree he was cutting hit a power line.

70 Years Ago (July 09, 1942)
The Fourth of July was celebrated very quietly in our fair city, with only a few firecrackers popping occasionally and with about half the population at other celebrations. No wrecks were reported during this time.

A heavy windstorm hit the southern part of Trimble County Monday afternoon. Mr. John Shepherd’s garage and barn were blown away. It is reported that locust trees anywhere from 8 to 10 inches through were broken off like you would break a toothpick.

Seven in the last draft go into the army with an additional five enlisting bringing the total for Trimble County to thirteen to do battle for Uncle Sam.

Deaths: Mary Belle Louden Arvin, 20, Patten Creek.  

80 Years Ago (July 07, 1932)
Following the heavy rainfall over Sunday night and Monday all of the streams in the county were swollen, but after the downpour Tuesday afternoon Millers Branch went on a rampage and came out higher than it was ever known to be in history. A big barn was washed away and with it a calf, some hay, a wagon and farming implements. It floated intact to the concrete bridge and broke up against one of the piers, which was a good thing for had it not broken up it would have clogged the passage of the water under the bridge and would have caused the stream to back up and flood all nearby buildings. Near the point where it empties into the Little Kentucky river, rocks, trees and drift piled on the highway for some distance until it was impossible for traffic to move through. The maintenance department went to the scene at once and cleared away enough to let the waiting cars go on and bus schedules were not interrupted, the men having cleared a passage by the time the first bus arrived.

Bad weather made boat racing hazardous and the boat owners entered in the regatta at Madison Monday hesitated to take many of the craft into the contests.  

Deaths:  Lottie J. Garriott, 75, Chicago, formerly of Trimble County; Frank Fox, 75, Milton; Russ Crawford, 69, Indianapolis, Ind, formerly of Milton.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.