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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (July 01, 1982)
The county 4-H Fair will be July 8-11. There are booths available for clubs and organizations. Also space for yard sales, flea markets and other crafts to show and sell.

The Sheriff’s Department undertook the project of spraying marijuana in the bottoms of Corn Creek and Cooper’s Bottom in the hopes that the chemicals should kill the weeds entirely. At this time, approximately 35-40 acres were sprayed containing an estimated value of $4-5 million worth of illegal grass. There will be six more acres sprayed. The chemically treated marijuana could make anyone who tries to smoke it very sick, according to Sheriff Howard Long.

Clean up has started on the site of the former Korner Kitchen. Insurance claims have been settled and the Pleasureville Wrecking Company has started pulling down the burned-out building and bulldozing the site.

Gary L. Wright has been promoted to Operations Officer and Director of Customer Relations at Central Bank & Trust Co. in Lexington. Wright, a native of Bedford, is a graduate of Trimble County High School and the University of Kentucky.

Deaths: Lillie May Liter, 101, Ft. Worth, Texas; Will F. Sachleben, 86, Madison; Trula Mae Payton Pyles, 77, LaGrange; Winnie Ethel Kidwell Powell, 86, Bedford; Ollie Blanche Griffith Smith, 69, Bedford; John K. Shepherd, 85, Bedford.

70 Years Ago (July 02, 1942)
Bedford Christian church will honor the boys in the military service who are members of the church congregation. Those six so honored in the order of their inductance into the armed forces are Leland Morgan, army; John Allen Ball, army; Alton Yager, naval reserve; Buell Callis, army; Maurice Bowman, army; and J.C. Cantrell, naval reserve.

Thieves entered the rear door of Woody’s Finest Foods Store, Friday night of last week removing a glass pane from the door. Missing was $10, a small amount of lunchmeats and some cigarettes.
Catherine Nowlin and Seaman Alton Yager were married Thursday, June 25, 1942.

Pvt. Wilbur B. Harmon, formerly of Bedford, is one of the soldiers stationed here at the Oklahoma City air depot. Pvt. Harmon is assigned to a repair squadron for general duty. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. V.C. Harmon, route 2, Bedford. Prior to his enlistment six months ago, Pvt. Harmon was employed as an automobile mechanic at Bedford. He was on duty as a student of aircraft mechanics at the Spartan School, Tulsa, before reporting to this depot.

With this issue, Charles W. Bell takes over his duties as the new Editor of The Trimble Democrat.
His brother, Frank C. Bell, who has been managing the paper for the past seven years, is taking a leave of absence for the duration of the war, and is entering the armed services of the nation, leaving the 29th, of this month for induction through the Cincinnati station.

 80 Years Ago (June 30, 1932)
 Harry Rowlett of the neighborhood on the hill above Milton, while driving his Chevrolet truck loaded with apples, on road 37 near Frankfort late on Thursday night of last week, dozed for an instant and lost control of the machine, which plunged over a bank, tore off the porch and a corner of a man’s house, and landed right side up against a tree. The truck is a complete wreck and Mr. Rowlett narrowly escaped serious injury. When he saw that the truck was headed for a tree, Mr. Rowlett fell over on the floor inside the cab. The weight of the load of apples pushed the cab forward when the truck hit the tree head-on, pinning Mr. Rowlett, who was unable to free himself until assistance arrived from the house he struck. He suffered injuries to his knee. The truck was towed in to the Bedford Garage last of the week.

Terrell Bray, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe S. Bray, had his right arm broken in three places, and suffered severe lacerations on his face, hands and legs, in an automobile accident near Lexington Thursday night of last week. A friend was driving Mr. Bray’s Ford coupe and as they approached the top of a hill the lights of another car blinded the driver. They collided with a truck, which was reported to have been parked in the path of the Bray machine without a light. The coupe was completely demolished and Terrell sustained the injuries named above. His family went to Lexington and was with him Friday and Saturday.
Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.