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By Hilda Parrish

30 Years Ago (March 25, 1982)
A delegation of people from out Hughes Lane and Ransdell Subdivision sought a sounding in a special meeting of Trimble Fiscal Court, and the same was held Friday, so that they could speak freely and accusatively about the easement granted down the middle of the road from sewer lines emplacement. People in that area does not want the sewer line going through or being close to their property. But the thing of it was that the county officials, by majority vote, did give sanction in the Bedford and Milton areas for easements on county roads. Easements were necessary for supplemental loan arrangements and total grant expenditure. Since Bedford is now one of two county seats in Kentucky without a sewer system, a number of people believe it is time for it to happen, and we can harvest a substantial grant that was transferred from a county where it couldn’t be used at the time.

James (Cornbread) Stethen is one of the officials for the Boys Kentucky State Basketball Tournament at Rupp Area, Lexington. Stethen, a 1955 TCHS graduate, excelling in basketball, track and cross-country, has officiated high school basketball games in Kentucky and Indiana for 25 years. This will be his third State Tournament since a referee is only eligible for State games every other year. He has been voted No. 1 referee in the 8th Region by the coaches of this region.

Deaths: Mrs. Effie Varble Jackson, 96, Bedford; Lois A. Stone, 81, Milltown, Ind., a native of Bedford.

 70 Years Ago (March 19, 1942)
 Scarlet Fever cases assume epidemic proportions here. On Wednesday, 100 students or about 20 per cent of total enrollment were absent. At Milton absentee percentage is slightly higher. Here the enrollment in the 12 grades is approximately 300, with 70 percent absent for about 25 per cent.
County Farm, on Highway 37, was knocked down to the highest bidder for $2,570. It is understood that the fiscal court will use the money to either purchase a house and lot in town, place the money on time deposit or invest it in government war loan securities. In any event, the money will be kept separate from operating funds of the county.
The court placed the Providence-Carmen Creek road in first position on the list of proposed road projects to be constructed, with WPA and Rural Highway funds and help.  

Deaths: Lyter Doughtery, 48, Colen, Panama Canal Zone while working on a defense program. Miss Emma Patterson, Louisville.  

 80 Years Ago (March 24, 1932)
Lillian Johnson, eighth grader at Mt. Pleasant won the county spelling bee held Friday afternoon at McCain auditorium. She is now the proud owner of an Eastman Kodak and the right to represent Trimble County in the State match to be held at Louisville Male High School in April.

Dora Welch, as proprietor of the Central Hotel, today at the Jefferson County, Ind. Clerk’s office during vacation of circuit court, filed against four local officers a complaint for conspiracy to injure plaintiff in his reputation and business, demanding $25,000. The complaint states that Jefferson County Sheriff Taff, Chief Stewart and Patrolman Walton arrested the plaintiff and padlocked his hotel after using an alleged illegal warrant to search the place. This with subsequent events was alleged by the plaintiff to have damaged his reputation and business to the extent of the sum asked in the complaint. Also named was Prosecuting Attorney Dowell.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.